Beauty Break: Malie Organics

Smell like the Hawaiian Islands with Malie Organics body care products

Everyone and their neighbor is in Hawaii right now, or getting ready to go. This is a blissful time of year if you're one of the lucky ones heading off to paradise and a maddening one if you're not. So if you're with me, in the homebound camp, let's develop a coping mechanism to get ourselves through this relentless rainy season and slather ourselves with Malie Organics, available locally at Essenza.

Malie is a luxury line of lotions, perfumes, candles, soap and room diffusers made from the fragrant fruits and flowers from the Islands and other tropical locales, including orchid, plumeria, pikake, koke'e, mango nectar and coconut vanilla. A friend of mine was wearing pikake the other day and it was just about the dreamiest, most pleasing scent I have ever encountered. I think it's my new favorite.

I find Malie products to be sweet-smelling, but not overpowering—their lotion is moisturizing and lovely and their candles cast a gentle and not at all cloying lilt of floral goodness throughout the room. The company is committed to using pure, local, organic ingredients and is sensitive to their environment, employing sustainable practices to ensure that the beauty of their islands is maintained. 

And if you are jetting off to Kauai or Maui soon, be sure to pick up their travel size products and pop them in your carry-on to get into the island spirit on the ride over.