Behind the Scenes Video: Fashion First Fashion Show

2011 Fashion First Fashion Show; get to the 2012 show this Thursday

Ever wondered what really goes on during a fashion photo shoot? (Let me tell you it’s a lot less flash bulbs a’popping and quick posing, and quite a bit more waiting around for hair and makeup and stealing snacks.)

But even the real, non-movie-portrayal version is pretty gosh-darn fun, standing on the sidelines and watching as the magic happens. The proof: Our friends over at Fashion First gave us a behind the scenes look at the making of the ad that runs in Seattle magazine this month. So take quick coffee break, take a gander and then make sure you have tickets to Thursday’s show at the Showbox SoDo to see these looks in action on the runway. 

BTS of the 2012 Fashion First Photo Shoot from Fashion First on Vimeo.