The Best Twitter Accounts to Follow During the 2014 Oscars

Lauren Mang
oscars 2014 seattle magazine
Who will take home an Oscar statuette at this years Academy Awards ceremony?

I rarely follow celebrities on Twitter because of snooze-ville tweets like this. I much prefer to get my dose of daily news and commentary from journalists and other witty average Joes and Janes of the world. This Sunday, March 2, marks the 86th Annual Academy Awards, the day when fancy-pants celebs in grand gowns and suits descend upon Hollywood's Dolby Theatre and pretend they've not disowned carbs for the past two months. (Unless you're actress Julie Bowen at the Emmys.)

But unlike other awards shows, I actually watch the Oscars. Perhaps it's the history behind it all, or the possibility of witnessing an awkward acceptance speech, or, gasp!, seeing a starlet trip while walking up the stairs. Either way, come Sunday, I will be parked on my couch, champagne in hand (iPhone in the other hand) watching, tweeting and constantly refreshing my feed to read the hilarious/snarky #Oscars tweets from my followers. Here are a few of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow during the Oscars.