6 Places to Eat like a King on Elvis' Birthday

Local bakeries and restaurants are celebrating Elvis Presley's 75th birthday by giving nod to the King's favorite sweets (bacon maple doughnuts!) and eats (peanut butter and banana sandwiches!). Celebrate a rock-n-roll icon with a hunka food from one of these local spots:

Bacon and Maple Raised Doughnut, Top Pot Doughnuts
Head to the downtown location (2124 5th Ave.) for a sweet and salty Elvis-inspired sweet available today only! Or swing by the our Mobile Chowdown this Saturday's and get a deep-fried goodie at the Top Pot trailer.

Velvet Elvis, Cupcake Royale

Arts and Culture editor Brangien Davis is still all shook up after trying this limited edition treat of moist banana cake topped with fudge frosting and a sweet little banana chip. Cupcake Royale locations

Banana Cupcake, Trophy Cupcakes
The folks at Trophy put a twist on Elvis' favorite late night snack with this banana cupcake topped with what else but peanut butter buttercream. Trophy Cupcake locations

Peanut Butter and Banana Shake, The Counter
Ballard’s newest burger joint (4609 14th Ave. NW, Ballard)combines two of the King’s favorite flavors in a creamy shake, perfect for washing down one of the counter’s juicy burgers.

Blue Hawaii and Elvis Burrito, Mama’s Mexican Kitchen
Yes, you can order this mixed drink and this burrito stuffed with carne asada, ranchero sauce and avocado slices items year-round but what better day to make the trip to Mama's (2234 2nd Ave., Downtown) than on the King’s birthday?

White Bread, PB& Bananas, Blue Moon Burgers
Head to South Lake Union for an authentic and no-frills replica of this Elvis culinary classic. Blue Moon Burgers, 920 Republican St. (between North 9th Avenue & North Westlake Avenue)