Base Camp in the North Cascades

/In response to requests from its field program participants, the North Cascades Institute has started a new program this summer called Base Camp. The idea is make the Institute's LEED-certified lodging campus -- including dorms and dining -- available to visitors by the night, without any commitment in regard to specific field excursions or learning programs there.

Some of the ways people are using Base Camp include extending the length of an Institute class to enjoy more time in the mountains, gathering family or friends together to hang out on Diablo Lake participating in fun outdoor activities led by passionate, knowledgeable guides and rangers, staying on after a hike in the national park and refueling with delicious meals made with local, organic ingredients, a hot shower and stimulating community.

Beyond a warm shower and a comfy bed, Base Campers have the option of joining in on guided hikes and canoe excursions, natural history lessons, outdoor games and art activities, campfires and other fun activities.

Maybe the best deal going for nature lovers who don't love to camp out, Base Camp costs
$95 for the first person, $50 for the second person and $25 each for the next two people sharing one room. That means a group of four can spend the night and enjoy three meals and activities for just $50/each. If you were waiting for the perfect excuse to check out the Institute, perhaps this is it. Call 360-854-2599 to check on availability and book for your nights way from it all at the center of the wild universe to the north.