Drink This: 20something

Don’t miss the un-snob wine event  for Millennials and Gen-Y-ers (and anyone else) who want to get to know Washington wines without any pressure. Seventy five of the state’s most intriguing wineries will be offering sips of their $30-and-under wines at the Fremont Studios on November 21. For those who need extreme details, the Geek Lounge will have sips of varietals, sensory games, glassware insider stuff, plus food and wines that don’t hate each other. Coffee devotees will find plenty of Stumptown brewed up and sensory explorers will learn about ‘blind sniffing’ wines.

 It might be easier than nostalgic keg stands and beer pong, not that there’s anything wrong with them.


For tickets go to Brown Paper Tickets http://bit.ly/Km7Ba

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