Fashion Central

For fashion fanatics, Christmas has come early this year. 

Ali Basye, former Seattle Bride editor and author of The Long (and Short) of It: A Madcap History of the Skirt, has gifted us a very big present: new fashion blogzine, a daily go-to guide for worldwide fashion news, style-scopes (fashion horoscopes) and Basye’s specialty: the stories behind the style.

The Squire Park–based site is a spinoff of Basye’s personal blog for her book, where she often chronicled the funny, bizarre and monumental moments in fashion history. In addition to these witty tales, On This Day expertly guides fashionistas on fashion in films and books, and, of course, its latest trends, pointing the way to the best high-end vintage or hip clothing sites to get “the look.”

Check it out here.