Fashion Friday: Halloween weekend shopping

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! I’m taking a five-minute break from scraping together my Veronica Corningstone costume (re: Ron Burgundy’s lady love in Anchorman) to bring you my three favorite shopping finds this week:

Before all the Halloween hooplah begins, stop by Western Bridge tonight for the launch of Nube Green’s new in house fashion line. Brought to you by the same power force that opened the chic Nube Green store last year (where they only sell products made in the U.S.), the new eco-chic is designed by Vashon island-based designer Adrienne Antonson using local materials- and local labor. And the sneak peek is stunning. Celebrate with the ladies from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. tonight.

Sometimes belts confound me. If they are too chunky you can’t pull your shirt over them without gaining an instant pooch, and tucking can produce the dreaded muffin top. Hip hip hoorah for new local belt line Hipsi. The sleek little black belts are slim enough to handle the pullover with grace, but the colorful glass art clasps (which are available in a wide variety of patterns and are interchangeable) are the perfect little outfit accent.

Fully embrace October 31st from tips of your toes to a trip to Knows (sorry, couldn’t help it). Christen Cottam’s adorable West Seattle perfumery is stocked with the rare Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in Halloween-ready scents like Zombie, Embalming Fluids and Snake Oil. Now I wonder which one Veronica would sport?