Fashion Friday: Three tips for weekend style

Inevitably, every August, no matter how nice the weather is, my fashion-minded brain starts to crave new fall ensembles, chunky scarves and boots; and this year I have a particularly bad case. Two of my favorite local designers, Suzabelle and Spun, have thankfully sated my appetite this week with their new fall collections, get your dose at the links above.

Not only am I hard on my nails (confession: I’m a biter) but nothing irkes me more than getting those sad nails fixed up with a manicure- and then dinging the polish on the way out the door. To wit, I’m an enthusiastic convert to Julep Nail Parlor’s new Fab for 14 UV Polish treatment ($48, available at downtown and Bellevue parlors). The new, ultra fast-drying polish is set after two minutes under a UV light, and lasts longer than regular polish, up to 14 days. I’m on day 6 with nary a chip, or ding in sight.

In more sobering news, one of our favorite Ballard spots, Ella Mon is closing their doors. Starting today, get down to their closing sale to grab great European lines at discount. The sale goes until everything is sold, including the beautiful vintage furniture and mirrors so characteristic of the Ella Mon style.