Fashion Friday: The weekend's sales and show

My second 25th birthday is Tuesday (as in, I may have already celebrated a 25th birthday at some point in the past, I’m just choosing to celebrate it all over again) and all my 25-year-old heart wants is a Prairie Underground hoodie.

If my husband doesn’t pick up on the massive and multiple hints (hey honey, HERE’S another one!) I’ve dropped, I’m marching myself over to the Prairie Underground sample sale this weekend at the Havana Social Club on Capitol Hill. The gals at Prairie will be selling off sample sizes from previous collections, the free sale lasts from 11 am to 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday—but get there early because it’s a first come, first serve situation and you’ll have to beat me there.

Japan-based Kyoto Art and Antiques opens up their Seattle warehouse once in a blue moon (approximately 20 days a year, that is). Last year the warehouse moved to a bigger location in Georgetown and you have 2 days left to get yourself down there to check out the antique selection, ranging from small and sweet tea pots to ornate Japanese room screens, before they close up shop until spring. Hours are 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 5790 Airport Way S. (More info available by calling 206.381.9871, or online.)

If you missed my scoop on Luly Yang Couture’s Ocean fashion show tonight at the Seattle Aquarium, check in here. The Seattlemag ladies will be in full force to give you up to the second runway pics and dish.