Plum Vegan Bistro

Earlier this week, I popped into Plum Vegan Bistro on Capitol Hill at a press event to sample chef Makini Howell vegan southern-inspired offerings. Platters of quinoa sliders, Mac n Yease (vegan mac n cheese), and grilled teriyaki tofu kabobs with garlic and ginger mashed yams disappeared as the mostly-carnivorous crowd huddled in small groups, discussing the food.

Chef Howell likes a bit of heat in her dishes—a number of the items found on Plum’s menu online features jalapenos. It is bold, full-flavored food. And Seattlites (vegan or not) seem to be clamoring for it, with three reviews (Seattle Weekly, Seattle Times, and the Stranger) in one week driving hour-long waits at Plum.

Personally, I found some of the flavors too muddled in the six dishes I sampled. My favorite bite was the crispy tomato, tofu, and cilanto, and jalapeno springrolls, a perfectly fine dish that didn’t need a side of orange-avocado guacamole. Still, I admire chef Howell for busting through one of misconceptions about vegan food—that it’s “bland”.

Starting tomorrow (Oct. 3rd), Plum will be serving brunch, with items like Chili-crusted Seitan with Jalapenos and salsa, with coconut, green mango, and cucumber salad, and Mofongo (mashed green plantains) with baked tempeh, and salsa Criolla. Plum will also be open for breakfast on Mondays-Fridays, from 8am-11am.

To see what The Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, and the Stranger have to say about Plum, read on:

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