Screamin' Deal: 20% Off Dinner for Our Readers

Seattle magazine readers receive 20% discount on dinner at the Art Institute of Seattle's Portfolio restaurant.

Do you know what kind of wine to serve with your holiday dinners this season (or what kind to serve with any dinner)? If you’re like most people, you know your favorite wines, but you’re not so confident about pairing them with your favorite foods.

Fret no more. Learn about wine and food pairing from winemaker Eric Dahle of Tasawik Vineyards while eating a five-course dinner at the Art Institute of Seattle's culinary training ground, Portfolio. Dahle and restaurant manager, Dieter Schafer, will discuss the elements in food and wine that make them complementary. And Seattle magazine readers receive a 20 percent discount. Now that’s tasty!

December 4, 6-9 p.m. $60 for Seattle magazine readers, if you call to reserve a table with a credit card. $75 if you don’t. Art Institute of Seattle's Portfolio Restaurant, 2600 Alaskan Way, Belltown; reservations 206-239-2363;

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