Twilight Mania Bites the Sorrento and Canlis

It looks like local twihards aren’t the only one’s who’ve been bitten by Twilight mania. The Sorrento Hotel and the Canlis have caught Twilight fever, too, and they're celebrating the opening of New Moon with a new cocktail creation (recipes below). The Bella Edward is now available at the Sorrento Hotel's Hunt Club. And the Canlis offers up The Temptation of Edward Cullen.

The Bella Edward
“A Cullen Family Cocktail”

Balsamic vinegar reduction
1 teaspoon raspberry puree
2 ounces raspberry vodka
1 ounce Krupnik Honey Liqueur

Line the inside rim of a well-chilled martini glass with the balsamic reduction. Add a teaspoon of the raspberry puree to the bottom of the glass. In a shaker, combine the raspberry vodka and honey liqueur with ice. Shake well and pour into glass.

The Temptation of Edward Cullen

1oz Plymouth gin
1/4oz Zirbenz (Austrian Arolla stone pine liqueur)
1/8oz Le Tourment Vert Absinthe (A french vert or green absinthe with pronounced crisp eucalyptus notes)
2oz Champagne
3/4oz Green Walnut Wine (a sweet, homemade, aromatized, fortified wine with a spicy nutty flavor)

In a 10oz long drink glass pour Gin, Zirbenz, and Absinthe. Fill glass to the top with crushed ice and stir. Top off the glass with champagne. Pour green walnut wine over the top so it slowly sinks through the crushed ice. Garnish with lemon fangs and a straw.