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Roads Scholar: First Look at Seattle's Gigantic Boring Machine

The world's biggest tunnel-boring machine, being assembled in Japan

Just purusing WSDOT's Flikr stream, as I'm wont to do on a sunny holiday-weekend Friday (!), when I came across this cool photo of Seattle's tunnel-boring machine, currently under construction in Japan. When it's finished, it will be the world's biggest, and will be used to dig the SR 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle. Expect that boring to start next summer; the tunnel to open in late 2015.


Seattle a Serious Fashion Town? Here's Proof!

Models work the runway at the Seamless in Seattle fashion show

Sick of Seattle's rep of being a backwards fashion town (move on from grunge, America! we did!)? Read more »

Roads Scholar: What's So Rapid About This Ride?

Metro's new RapidRide bus
Metro rolls out spiffy new buses. What's in it for you?

Another bright, shiny new innovation as we struggle towards transportation efficiency: Metro's gradual rollout of the new "RapidRide" bus system. Already zipping around on the east side and the south end, some Seattle neighborhoods will soon have this service (details below), and those neighborhoods will rejoice. Why? Read more »

What Happens When You Mix Shakespeare with Gilligan's Island?

Coming to an island near you: cross-dressing hilarity

Wooden O's mixing it up again this summer, this time stranding Shakespeare's shipwrecked twins Sebastian and Viola on a happenin', hipster spring-break island, complete with straggly palms, a motorboat and beach loungers.
Not since their beloved 2006 production of Taming of the Shrew—set in a trailer park—has the company so embraced a re-setting, or allowed itself such leeway in goofing on the sacred Shakespearean script. Read more »


Roads Scholar: Downtown Express Lanes on I-5 Now Express-ier

Reversing the I-5 express lanes will now happen with the flick of a switch

With the flick of a switch, WSDOT engineers catapulted downtown Seattle's expressways into the 21st century, saving hundreds of midday drivers countless hours spent sitting in traffic. Read more »

Five Reasons to See Shakespeare in the Park

Seattle Shakespeare in the park
Michael Patten as Leontes, Alyson Bedford as Hermione (in statue form), and Therese Diekhans as Paulina

1. It's free. Two theater companies (Wooden O and Greenstage) means you can watch 4 free plays every summer, all while basking on the lawn nibbling dinner. Read more »


Seattle's Top Doctors Gather for a Heartfelt (and Surprising) Evening

BMWs as far as the eye can see at McCaw Hall

The BMW's were thick on the ground at McCaw Hall last night at a gathering of Seattle's most revered surgeons, doctors and global-health superstars. Chauffered by sponsor BMW to the event were some of Seattle mag's Top Doctors Hall of Fame inductees--doctors so amazing, they've been chosen by their peers as the very best for ten years in a row. Read more »


Bridges for Dummies: Baby Raptors, Toll Hikes and Weekend Closures

A falcon chick waits to be returned to its nest under the Ship Canal Bridge

A funny thing happened while I was going to my place of grudging acceptance this morning: I found this WSDOT photo of a baby peregrine falcon that lives with two siblings under the Ship Canal Bridge. A WSDOT biologist (yes! They have those!) and a professional falcon bander tagged the 3-week-old babes this week so they can keep track of them.

WSDOT's Flickr stream is always great entertainment. Read more »

Weekend Viaduct Closure and What is the What in the Pit?

A flock of cranes at the southern end of northbound SR 99
A flock of cranes at the southern end of northbound SR 99

Driver alert: SR 99 will be closed all weekend, to allow crews to reinforce the shorn end of the Viaduct, so it doesn't fall down when they eventually tunnel directly under it. Look for snarly traffic around downtown and Pioneer Square this weekend; the closure will affect the highway between the north end of the Battery Street Tunnel and the West Seattle Bridge, from 11 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. Monday. Read more »

Viaduct for Dummies: It's the pits in SoDo, and other transpo-nerd news

A giant auger drills holes to create the launch pit

Perched on the edge of the pit as we are here at Seattle mag, we never tire of watching the action–-giant, weird-looking machines shoving around enormous piles of muck; huge, Mad Men-contraptions thundering around behind twisted bales of metal; and what is that curtain hanging from the shreds of the Viaduct? Some days, I can barely contain my excitement, especially when something new is happening (like over at the 520 project, but more on that in a minute). Read more »

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