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Chris Hansen Launches a Waitlist for Sonics Tickets

sonics arena seattle basketball sodo
A rendering of the proposed Sonics Arena in SoDo.

Chris Hansen launches a "Priority Ticket Waitlist" today for future tickets to Sonics games. As explained on the Sonics Arena blog, adding your name to the list doesn't guarantee tickets. It just means you'll be among the first contacted by a Sonics salesperson for the opportunity to buy tickets when the time is right. Read more »


Get It Now, Affordable Courier Service, Launches in Seattle

postmates get it now
Postmates is this company that created the mobile app Get It Now, just launched for Seattle

Lunchtime at the Seattle mag offices can be a little painful. We spend so much time writing about and photographing gorgeous, gourmet food; but around our SoDo HQ, lunchtime dining options are limited. More often than not, tight deadlines (and a little bit of a laziness) find us calling Jimmy John's but secretly wishing we could pay the trusty couriers extra to bring us something other than sandwiches (tasty though they are). Read more »


Rick Bass Jams with Stellarondo, Goodwill Designer Sale and Other Weekend To-dos

rick bass and stellarondo

Rick Bass and Stellarondo Read more »


New Local Spirits, Tasting Parties and Other Drinking News

A.J. Rathbun
copperworks distillery
A special delivery arrived recently at Copperworks Distilling Company in downtown Seattle

As the seasons get ready to turn (and soon, let's hope, 'cause I could use a bit more sun), it’s a good time to check in and see what our local bars and distillers are up to. We’re lucky to live in such a creative cocktail culture, because there’s always fun and exciting things happening, including the below. Read more »


So THAT'S Why Top Chef's Richard Blais was in Seattle

Richard Blais in Seattle dry soda
Our dining editor snapped this pic when she spotted Blais in Seattle in January

Previously on the Seattle Mag Blog, Allison Austin Scheff wondered why she'd spotted Richard Blais in Seattle, even (almost) guessing the correct reason: Read more »

Local Photographer Goes Behind the Scenes at the Burke Museum

burke museum bird specimens
From "Artifacts and Specimens," the photographer's series of images taken at the Burke Museum in Seattle

Did you know the Burke Museum at the University of Washington is home to 15 million specimens and artifacts, including over 150,000 spiders? Did you also know that when you find a spider in your house, putting it outside can be tantamount to killing it? Read more »


Six Cocktail Spirits You Can Sip Neat

A.J. Rathbun
Dancing Pines Distillery's Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur
Dancing Pines Distillery's Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur

Sometimes we get so caught up in the marvelous mixtures being served at our mighty local bars and lounges that we forget that the ingredients being mixed are often great by themselves, too. To narrow down what particular cocktail ingredients are worth trying solo, I asked a few local bar stars for suggestions in their own words. I also added one of my own. Read more »

Hear Local Bands Sound Off, New Treats at Pike Place Market and Other Weekend Musts

the fame riot tacoma bands new music
Tacoma band The Fame Riot is going for gold in EMP’s Sound Off!

The Fame Riot is going for gold in EMP’s Sound Off!
Read more »


Giving Back to Our Neighborhoods: Seattle Magazine’s Community Involvement Program

seattle magazine community involvement neighborhood promo

As you might discern from our latest issue, the editors at Seattle magazine are smitten with this city’s neighborhoods.

Whether they’re near or far, cool or quiet, we can’t get enough of the shops, restaurants, parks and public spaces that make each of Seattle’s signature boroughs so livable. Read more »


Local Actor Steals the Show on RuPaul's Drag Race

jinkx monsoon as little edie grey gardens
Jinkx Monsoon impersonates "Little Edie" on RuPaul's Drag Race

Local actor and drag performer Jerick Hoffer, a.k.a. Jinkx Monsoon, took the cake on RuPaul's Drag Race this week with a delightful impression of Little Edie, one half of the eccentric duo introduced to the world in the documentary Grey Gardens (see the stage version in Seattle this spring). Read more »


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