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Holiday Gift Guide: Cocktails

A.J. Rathbun

It’s not only a big week for Thanksgiving drinks and eats but also a big shopping week (which may lead to more drinks).

If you’re looking for gifts for a home bartender or someone who wants to make better party drinks, I have some suggestions. And if you’re just shopping for yourself, I certainly won’t make fun—as long as you invite me over for drinks.


10-Piece Punch Bowl Set (shown above)
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Thanksgiving Beer Pairing in West Seattle

Have you been wondering whether a wheaty hefeweizen, a malty amber or a chocolate stout would pair best with an oven-roasted turkey this Thanksgiving?

Marination Ma Kai has. That's the latest brick and mortar outpost of one of our favorite food trucks, which is not only located on Alki Beach, but also offers a full bar and wide selection of beers. Read more »


Thanksgiving Cocktails: One Drink for Each Course of the Meal

A.J. Rathbun
The Seelbach is a classy start to any meal

Thanksgiving tends to be so focused on eating that the drinks often become an afterthought.

This is a shame, as the right drinks can add extra pizzazz, help the food go down easier, and make dealing with relatives much more manageable. Following are three Thanksgiving drink ideas for each course of the meal: the first for when your guests arrive, the second for the meal’s beginning, and the third for when the meal is done. Read more »


New Hendrix Exhibit, Deluxe Jams and Other Weekend Musts

Hilarious sketch comedy team The Habit returns.

The Habit
Opens Friday (11/16-12/2) The scintillating local sextet, featuring funny Seattle actors John Osebold and Mark Siano, is back with a series of reunion shows and an all-new act, including exquisite comic timing, clever wordplay and kooky characters ranging from Peter Pan to God himself. Read more »


Get Your Deluxe Jam On This Thursday

A.J. Rathbun

I’m not shy about my love of Deluxe Foods jams and cocktail syrups. I wear a t-shirt, sporting the logo and tagline (“Try us on toast!”) and I used the syrups in my last Pantry at Delancey cocktail class.

I’m pals with the Chief Tasting Officer at Deluxe Foods, Rebecca Staffel. But just because we’re pals doesn’t make the jams and syrups any less worthy. Don’t take my word for it though. Read more »


Pho Life: Blue Scholars' Sabzi Celebrates Seattle's Favorite Soup

Illustrated Phở Sticker Sheet

Seattle loves pho (if you're new on the block: our dining editor explains what it is, how to pronounce it and where to get her favorite here). And Seattleites love to claim they know where to find the best pho. Read more »


Win Free Art! Enter Artsyo's Saddest Wall Contest

Stacy Rosevear on Artsyo
For sale on Artsyo: Stacy Rosevear, "Earlier, My Decisions Looked Like This," Japanese watercolor on paper

Every house has one: the ugly, underperforming wall. You've seen it: 12x10 feet and bearing only a paltry letter-sized college diploma. Or worse, an over-sized novelty clock.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands* of works by local artists live like unemployed post-grads: perpetually hanging out in coffee houses or leaning against storage sheds.

Stop this neglect. Give local art a home. Read more »


See Tiny Paper Keepsakes of a Giantess

Patty Grazini paper sculpture
Detail of the seven-foot-tall paper sculpture on display inside Curtis Steiner Gallery in Ballard through the end of December

A visit to Curtis Steiner’s store can be like stepping through the wardrobe, or falling down the rabbit hole, or entering any other parallel universe that is equally alluring, mysterious and beautiful. Steiner populates his Ballard shop with quirky, haunting ephemera for the home; true conversation starters, object d’art, amazing, meticulous, tiny hand-beaded jewelry and antiques. Read more »


Cupcake Royale Celebrates Referendum 74 Approval with Free Cake

If, like us, you think the approval of Referendum 74 is something to celebrate, head to the Capitol Hill location of Cupcake Royale (1111 E Pike St.), where owner Jody Hall (featured in our October story about local love stories behind Ref. 74) is giving away (for free!) slices of this amazing, giant rainbow cake shaped like the state of Washington. Read more »


Get a Glimpse of Seattle's New Waterfront

A artistic rendering of new parks and paths planned for Seattle's remodeled waterfront

A 14-foot long, scale model of the design for Seattle's new waterfront will be on display at the downtown central library, starting next week. Stop by to get a clearer sense of the multifaceted improvements planned for both Alaskan Way and the sea wall. The design has not yet undergone environmental review. Construction is currently projected to be completed in 2019.

From the press release: Read more »

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