Seattle has been SIFFted

I love imaginary Seattle. No, I don’t mean the Seattle in my mind that has free parking and a winning sports team. I’m talking about Hollywood’s version of Seattle. The Fabulous Baker Boys is amusing because people seemingly teleport all over downtown (I wish I could walk the entire city in under a minute!) and I love Singles if only because the mayor is told that the city needs better public transportation. Geesh! That movie was made over 17 tears ago! Maybe Singles could offer some prescient advice on the tunnel vs. viaduct debate, too!

Now Seattleites have another movie to add to their hometown list. World’s Greatest Dad, starring Robin Williams, is a dark comedy that was filmed in Seattle last summer and recently screened at the Seattle International Film Festival. It was mostly filmed in Wallingford with many scenes shot at F.A. McDonald School and also a nice sequence showcasing the Guild 45th Theatre.

World’s Greatest Dad also amusingly transforms part of the Seattle landscape.  As Robin Williams is walking downtown, he encounters an adult magazine stand on the corner of 3rd and Spring. Even better, the proprietor is none other than Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic! As (some) Seattleites push for us to become a more swanky, sterilized city, I found the idea of a "XXX" magazine stand on a downtown street corner rather amusing. Sadly, when I drove by, there is nothing there but another Starbucks. Well, I suppose the end result is the same.  That corner gets hearts racing both in reality and imagination!

-Deanna Duff