Former Soul Coughing Singer Busts up a Starbucks

If you were worried about the safety of your local Starbucks over the weekend, worry no more! Mike Doughty (formerly of the band Soul Coughing) was in town last Friday for an acoustic show at the Triple Door.  Rabid caffeine addicts may know him best for his song, “Busting up a Starbuxxx” (we assume the triple x spelling is due to legal reasons and not the orgasmic power of coffee).  

Doughty and cellist Andrew “Scrap” Livingston were in Seattle as part of their Question Jar Show tour. They not only played Doughty’s hit songs, but also answered audience questions ranging from the meaning of life to whether they prefer boxers or briefs.  The most important question on Seattleites’ minds was, of course, how many Starbucks had Doughty busted up while visiting Seattle. Breathe a sigh of relief, Seattle. He didn’t bust up a single Starbucks. Your Monday-morning jolt is safe!

-Deanna Duff