Seattle's short film animators totally rule

There was a ton of creative, clever (not to mention painstaking!) work on view at the NW Film Forum's showcase of short film animation, but my overall fave was The Sinking of the Huntley, by Seattleite Drew Christie, who told me after the screening that he painted and drew this whole story on the pages of 12 vintage books—mostly Civil-War themed, until he ran out of those:

I'm also a big fan of local animators Britta Johnson and Sarah Jane Lapp and Salise Hughes, though I can't seem to embed their work here, darnit! Google them and be glad.

And I loved the three short pieces by fellow Seattleite and animator extraordinaire Webster Crowell, who is making a series of films based on recordings he took outside his window at 2 a.m. when he lived in an apartment above a loud bar. Web says each tiny work takes 12 hours to animate. Here's one from the "Last Call" series:

Watch for my obsession with local short film animators to continue in an upcoming issue of Seattle mag!