A Daily Dose of You with Dailybooth.com

Thisisbrandx.com had a nice piece today on dailybooth.com, the latest in a new wave of social media that emphasizes community building through visuals and pictures. The site was founded by Noah Kalina, a photo student who rose to Youtube fame when he posted a five-minute time lapse video comprised of six years worth of digi cam self-portraits. I like that Dailybooth is built around a concept that is both simple and refreshing. It's easy to use and the people watching sucks you in. Since launghing in 2009, more than 6 million users have signed on to post pictures of themselves. The goal of the site is to build community, but older narcissists need not apply. According to the Los Angeles Times, 85 percent of Dailybooth's users are under the age of 24.

Originally published on 8/24/2010.