Food News: Revel Opens Friday, + Uneeda Burger Update, More

Is Fremont the new Ballard? You could easily argue that it is, what with the supremely exciting news that Revel, the Korean street eats restaurant from the owners of Joule, is opening Friday. I told you all about Revel way back in October, but in case you're hearing it here first, the gist: noodles (with, say, duck meatballs); dumplings (maybe filled with chorizo); salads; rice dishes; etc. Have you been to Joule? If so, you know why the opening of Revel is a very, very good thing. Plus, the prices top out at $15. Nice. Quoin, the bar going in next door to Revel (and also owned by Yang & Chirchi) will open soon.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Scott Staples is opening Uneeda Burger, his great-looking (from what I can see during my stalker-like drive-bys) burger joint in upper Fremont, on Tuesday, December 28th. (Note: He'll close up shop on New Year's Day but open again January 2nd.)
Staples, owner/chef of Restaurant Zoe and Quinn's, is not only shooting for a killer $6 burger ala New York's Shake Shack, but he's bringing us the soft-serve love, too. Read all about it here.

Lastly, I'm loathe to include anything from GQ's Alan Richman; the guy is a dinosaur with a fork and pen. But, he included Ballard's Walrus & Carpenter in his list of the Best New Restaurants of 2010 (even if he did it in a sideswiping manner: Pike Place Market is bland? Seattle's always striving for fancier digs?) There goes the national food press again!  Really *nailing* Seattle's food scene. In any case, congrats to the Walrus (pictured at top). Well deserved.