Best Seattle-Area Neighborhoods Ranked!

In the chart on page 96 of the August issue of Seattle magazine, Seattle neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs are ranked separately. However, if we rank all 110 neighborhoods together using this year's criteria--affordability, return on investment, good schools, parks, crime rates and commute--what happens? Turns out, the 'burbs come out on top. In fact, Queen Anne, the top Seattle neighborhood, doesn't even make the combined Top 10--it places 35th, pulled down primarily by affordability and park acreage. Those two factors, plus school scores, push the suburbs ahead of many city neighborhoods.

See the Top 10 Neighborhoods Seattle-area nabes or download the guide ranking all 110 city and suburban neighborhoods.

FYI -- In the current print edition (August 2009) of "Seattle magazine's 2009 Neighborhood Guide" chart, we inadvertently published the ranking each neighborhood has for park acreage instead of the actual park acreage in the column marked "Park Acreage". Suburbs are correct as published. The downloadable PDF has been updated and corrected.

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