Seattle Street Signs for Sale

If you’ve ever wanted a certain street sign, but your law abiding ways have stopped you from stealing it, now’s your chance to get one. In 2007 the city launched a five year program to replace those trademark green Seattle signs with bigger, brighter ones. The deadline has now been extended to 2016, so you have a few more years to find the one for you.


“As Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) installs new street signs, the department will store the old ones and make them available to anyone for $5 - $15 (depending on sign and condition). Whether it's Norman, Myrtle, or Rainier, residents can buy a piece of history. For an inventory of currently available signs, go to"

You can find your neighborhood's name (Fremont Ave N), your favorite pastime (Golf Dr S), your party affiliation (E Republican St – sorry, no Democrat Way for sale at this time) or if you're lucky, your last name (I have dibbs on Minor Ave).

Signs can be purchased at the City’s Surplus Warehouse, located at 3807 Second Ave. S. or you can call 206.684.0827.