Fashion + Style Friday: Locally-made, must-have essentials for 2011


Happy New Year! You may have noticed that got a facelift for the new year, one of our office’s goals for the year.

Personally, I can’t say I’m much for New Year’s resolutions normally, especially since I have a tendency to make crazy-sauce vows like giving up all sugar and caffeine (I did not enjoy the beginning of 2008 very much) and of course, not following through. So if you are anything like me, the girl who drug herself into the nearest Caffe Ladro on January 3rd and demanded a triple-grande latte, you’ll appreciate these super-easy, stylish "resolutions":

1. Stay on schedule
When it comes to new calendars, I like to go by a simple rule: If I have to look at it all the stinkin’ time, it better be pretty to gaze at. As a result, I stop by Ilee Papergoods’ Etsy site every year to snag one of their gorgeous letterpress desktop calendars. Hand-pressed by local paper goddess Ja Teuber, the simple, sweet designs evolve from animals to plants according to season ($22). 

For nature lover’s, Portland-based Mossiere also has this gorgeous calendar devoted to beauty of Pacific Northwest flora and fauna.

 2. Buy local
One of our 2009 Seamless in Seattle winners Becky Sullivan has launched an Etsy site filled with her gorgeous, handmade creations, including chic caplets perfect for winter, plaid skirts, and amazing jackets with fold-over cowl neck collars. Becky Sullivan jacket

3. Support local
Speaking of Seamless in Seattle, our 2011 emerging fashion designer competition is right around the corner, deadline for applications will be APRIL 15, 2011. More details will appear on the site as we continue to spruce her up, but aspiring designers, mark your calendars.

4. Become a bride
Well, in a manner of speaking: In addition to my gig here at Seattle magazine, I’m also taking the helm at our sister publication Seattle Bride this year. First step in re-emerging myself into the bridal realm, the weekend’s Seattle Wedding Show. It’s the perfect planning stop for all of you who got engaged over the holidays, we’ll be there handing out free issues of our new issue. Please stop by, say hi and ask questions!