Reggie Watts and Tommy Smith at On the Boards

Critics always struggle to describe what Reggie Watts does—at least when he's not doing straight up music (as with local band Maktub, or the recent, lovely short songs he created for the new Electric Company which you can watch here). His comedy isn't strictly improv (though he does a ton of improvising throughout) and it's not stand-up (though he is standing up, most of the time). It's not linear—maybe the opposite, in fact—but it's easy to follow the twists and turns his brain takes, and if you allow yourself to do so, you'll find yourself laughing, though you might not be able to point at something and say, Now that was funny.

For his new work, Transition, directed by the smart and stellar Tommy Smith, showcases Reggie's comedy, as well as his music (including a lovesong to Sasquatch), along with several other very talented actors who perform, at various times: modern dance bits, faux breakup sessions, sniper shots, a scene from Teen Wolf, what seems to be a replica of an '80s video, a makeout scene, and more. And now you're getting why critics have a hard time conveying much about his shows. Talking about them kind of ruins them, in fact, since part of the joy is allowing these seemingly unconnected vignettes wash over you, and start to connect in your subconscious—in that space where your brain isn't trying to wrap things up in a tidy box.

Anyway. Enough with the attempts at description. Know this: it's really funny and really good. Rumor has it Reggie has a Comedy Central special in the works, so if you're one of those people who loves to say, "I saw him before he got huge," this is your chance.