Woodland Park Welcomes New Snow Leopards

Two months after being introduced, Woodland Park Zoo’s Humboldt penguins are already being upstaged. With big eyes and tiny roars, a pair of four week old Snow Leopard cubs are pushing the Humboldt out of the top spot for cutest zoo animal (an unofficial poll of course). The 4 lb male and 3.6 lb female cub were born on May 25th to a set of first time parents who were brought to the Zoo a year ago as part of a Species Survival Plan.


Woodland Park participates in 39 such Species Survival Plans including ones for the Humboldt Penguin, the Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey and the Sumatran Tiger. The four week old cubs are off display with their mother in order to give them time to bond and encourage proper nursing (the father has been moved to another cage as Snow Leopards are naturally solitary). Congratulations to Woodland Park for their ongoing work with these endangered animals!


-Posted by Alexis Morley