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Zombies, Robots, Stoners and Streakers: A Bumbershoot Recap

This year marked my 20th Bumbershoot ... in a row! And having attended the festival for two decades I am sure of one thing: It is a terrible place to be a streaker. As I was making my way toward the exit on Monday evening, I noticed a commotion in the crowd at one of those junctions where two giant pathways intersect and festivalgoers try to artfully weave between each other like an Esther Williams routine, but the timing is never right so everybody ends up jostling backpacks and falafel. I zeroed in on a naked young man.


Amazon Opens Fine Art Store (Wine and Cheese Not Included)

Amazon Fine Art's "In Room" simulator, with Jeff Fontaine's mixed media "A12"

Amazon Fine Art (beta) launched today, right on the heels of the gigantic news that Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post (not a copy of the newspaper, but the entire newspaper). The timing has many people fretting about Bezos becoming king of the world, but until that happens we might as well explore the new art offerings at Amazon. Read more »

David Byrne's New Video with Jherek Bischoff

David Byrne's eyes

I love, love, love this dreamy song by the one and only Jherek Bischoff, the Seattle musician/composer who layered each instrument one-by-one on his richly textured new album, Composed. For this song, "Eyes," Bischoff asked one of his musical heroes, David Byrne, to sing the vocal line and he said yes (!). Just like they say on reality tv: America, dreams really do come true.


Here's the just-released video for the song, in which both David and Jherek's peepers make an appearance.

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Get a Sneak Peek at the New Video by Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles
Seattle band Hey Marseilles

Seattle’s beloved indie-folk/chamber-pop/just-plain-endearing band Hey Marseilles released its much-anticipated second album, Lines We Trace, in March. Now the band is releasing the official video for one of the new songs, “Heart Beats.” We’re especially excited about this video because it was written and directed by our own staff photographer, Hayley Young. Read more »

The Swans in Rehearsal

As Swan Lake prepares for takeoff at Pacific Northwest Ballet (4/12-4/21), the company is posting some rehearsal videos that are pretty irresistible—in large part because they offer a peek at backstage ballet fashion, which never fails to mesmerize. How do the dancers end up wearing such a colorful mishmash of leotards, tights, heat wraps, flouncy skirts, shrugs and leg warmer-style knitted garments of varying lengths and locations? And how do they come up with such innovative ways to layer them? Read more »


Live Nude Girls, or, Feminism Can Be Fun

You really haven’t seen obscene hand gestures until you’ve seen them performed by a fully nude, slightly sweaty, winking blond woman. In playwright Young Jean Lee’s Untitled Feminist Show, playing at On the Boards through Sunday night, Amelia Zirin-Brown (aka Lady Rizzo) performs this hilariously filthy solo, using only her pantomiming skills and her incredibly expressive face. It’s one of many truly funny moments in this show, which is performed entirely in the nude and with no dialogue. Read more »


Trimpin's Hot Pink Pinball Piano

Trimpin seattle artist seattle arts
This kinetic sound machine used to be a piano. See/hear it at Winston Wächter Fine Art through this Saturday.

Only two more days to see Klavier–Stücke (meaning, "piano pieces"), Trimpin’s latest art installation to cleverly blend high-tech gadgetry with deconstructed pianos. The ingenious Seattle-based “sound sculptor” (read more about Trimpin in the profile I wrote for our January issue) has created several pieces for the show. Read more »


Book of Mormon Rings Seattle's Doorbell

book of mormon
These are not the Mormons you will see at the Paramount (different cast).

As a Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon has received countless accolades (see: 9 Tony Awards, including Best Musical), so little needs to be said about its quality: the tremendously catchy songs, funny writing and outrageous, South Park-style raunchy lines and lyrics. But the big question is: How does the touring show hold up to the New York production? Personally, I don't know. I didn't see the NYC show. But I can say the Seattle show makes for a genuinely fun evening. Read more »


What's the Poop on the Taylor Shellfishtival?

This press release from Taylor Shellfish Farms about the upcoming Shellfish-tival inspired a couple Friday afternoon thoughts...

1. I think if you're going to call something a Shellfishtival you should fully embrace it and drop the hyphen.

2. The lineup seems a little heavy on feces-related fun. What's with the poop party?

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King Tut Returns to Seattle as Egypt Elects a President

King Tut's Bed
King Tut Slept Here

The press preview for the new King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center began with the customary parade of thanks to partners and sponsors, along with civic boosterism regarding this “marquee event” and the tourist dollars its going to rake in for the city (90,000 tickets have already been sold—claustrophobes, take heed). It all started to blur together, as giant photos of selected Egyptian artifacts looped in a soothing slideshow, over and over, on the immense IMAX screen in the PACCAR theater. Read more »


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