Friday, 05/29/2015 4:20 PM
Real estate company plans to revitalize iconic Seattle building
Friday, 05/29/2015 4:05 PM
Remember a superhero named The Red Bee? No? How about The Bouncer? Or The Puppeteer? Now’s your chance to get to know these (understandably) long-lost comic book stars, thanks to a new book by Redmond-based writer Jon Morris. The League of Regrettable Superheroes (Quirk Books, $24.95) grew out of Morris’ blog, Gone & Forgotten (, in which he unearths lesser-known comic books from the past and explains the strengths and foibles of these “half-baked heroes.”
Thursday, 05/28/2015 8:03 PM
Must WatchWhim W'him X-Posed at Cornish Playhouse(5/29 to 5/31, times vary) Former PNB dancer Olivier Wevers directs his recently formed company in X-Posed, featuring three new pieces: one by Seattle’s edgy Kate Wallich; one by French choreographer Manuel Vignoulle; and one by Wevers himself, exploring what’s unfiltered, raw and real.
Wednesday, 05/27/2015 7:01 PM
Emerald City Express: Cyclists are pushing for bike lanes along 5th Avenue, says King 5 News. The plan would create a protected bike route (AKA the "Emerald Mile") between Denny and Olive, a segment already divided by the Monorail. Opponents of the Emerald Mile worry that the route would take away from already-limited parking spots and contribute to congestion.
Wednesday, 05/27/2015 6:45 PM
Akio Takamori’s ceramic work reflects a long-term interest in matters of the flesh. He often paints blushing red cheeks on his sensuous figures, giving the impression that blood has just rushed to the surface of the skin. His people squat, curl into the fetal position, lie in repose, ride piggyback, stand with arms crossed over their chests and spell out the words “love” and “lust” with their bodies. Though more cartoonish than realistic, the figures nonetheless radiate humanness, inspiring a tactile sort of empathy when an arm clasps a knee, a hand grips a shoulder.
Wednesday, 05/27/2015 5:45 PM
Instagram Inspiration is a new column on that explores our favorite Instagram themes each week. This week, our minds are on food. We’re drooling over these seasonal recipes--perfect for those long summer nights and backyard barbecues. We hope these mouth-watering snaps inspire you to try that new recipe you’ve been dying to make, or roast some s'mores over the fire. Happy cooking!
Wednesday, 05/27/2015 2:43 PM
So long, Silicon Valley: According to Seattle-based Redfin, "For the first time ever, the median price for a Silicon Valley home just exceeded one million dollars," which means that people are leaving the area simply because they can't afford to stay. Just where are they headed?
Tuesday, 05/26/2015 4:44 PM
Holiday travelers put the Washington State Department of Transportation's online summer ferry reservation system to the test this weekend. The system, which serves parts of the San Juan Islands, has experienced problems in the past (it failed on its first day back in April), but this time around it went off without a hitch.
Friday, 05/22/2015 5:00 PM
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Over the past 10 years, the South Asian population in the Puget Sound region has nearly tripled. Most people who have seen the show Outsourced or have had an Indian-accented technician solve their computer woes associate this influx with tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. This is partly true, as many South Asians can attest to growing up in a household that was exclusively focused on education—particularly in the areas of math, science and other related fields (i.e. engineering and medicine).
Friday, 05/22/2015 4:07 PM
Instagram Inspiration is a new column on that explores our favorite Instagram themes each week. There's no denying how much pride flows through this city. You see it in the crowds at Safeco and Centurylink cheering on our beloved Hawks, Mariners and Sounders. You see it with the kayaktivists protecting our harbors from invading oil rigs. So this week, we thought it was only appropriate to give a round of applause to our beautiful city and the people who inhabit it. Cheers to Seattle and the PNW.
Thursday, 05/21/2015 8:13 PM
Must Laugh Local Artist Dons Sea Cucumber Costume in Manifesto (5/22 to 5/24, times vary) Ilvs Strauss uses a sleeping bag as the basis for the California red sea cucumber outfit she dons in her funny and poignant piece Manifesto, in which she artfully combines a witty personal monologue about childbearing and womanhood with gestural dance, backup dancers, facial expressions and two costume changes.
Thursday, 05/21/2015 8:53 PM
Women who choose not to have children often channel their creative power into making other things—things such as a life-size sea cucumber costume.
Thursday, 05/21/2015 6:04 PM
Ski to Sea
Wednesday, 05/20/2015 10:18 PM
The programming ninjas behind the Seattle International Film Festival have long included movies of the gastronomic persuasion. But, this year, there were so many strong culinary contenders that the team decided it was high time to launch a full foodie film program complete with post-movie dinners at local restaurants.
Wednesday, 05/20/2015 9:31 PM
Market Changes: Pike Place Market, everyone's favorite fish-throwing tourist destination, is about to get bigger. Construction on the Pike Place MarketFront, a multi-level expansion, kicks off on June 24 with a groundbreaking ceremony featuring Mayor Ed Murray (includes a parade!) along with city and state representatives and members of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Council.