Wednesday, 07/24/2013 8:08 PM
Specialty: Urogynecology Hospital affiliation: Virginia Mason Medical CenterWhy did you choose to specialize in urogynecology? I’ve always had a big interest in women’s health issues and learned in medical school that I loved surgery—urogynecology is the perfect blend of those two interests.  I’ve read that 30 percent of women ages 65 and older suffer from pelvic floor disorders (most commonly urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse), yet many won’t talk about it or seek treatment.
Wednesday, 07/24/2013 8:53 PM
Specialty: Medical oncology, head, neck and lung cancerHospital affiliation: Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW MedicineAs a native of Brazil, what drew you to pursue your career here in Seattle?
Wednesday, 07/24/2013 8:43 PM
Specialty: Thoracic SurgeryHospital affiliation: Swedish Medical CenterWhy did you choose to specialize in thoracic surgery?
Wednesday, 07/24/2013 7:29 PM
Specialty: CardiologyPractice: EvergreenHealth CardiologyHospital affiliation: EvergreenHealthWhat attracted you to your specialty?My interest in cardiology started during my residency. I had originally wanted to be an internist, but when I saw how people were so sick and got better so quickly, I changed my focus. It is very gratifying when you thought someone was going to die and then they walk out of the hospital a week later.
Wednesday, 07/24/2013 7:58 PM
Specialty: Orthopedic surgeonHospital affiliation: Group Health CooperativeHow has your early dance experience, including a stint in New York with the Martha Graham Dance Company, influenced your approach to your job?
Wednesday, 07/24/2013 7:50 PM
Specialty: Pediatric autismHospital affiliation: Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington How did you come to choose autism as your medical specialty?
Tuesday, 07/23/2013 9:50 PM
Seattle's Mayor race 2013 seattle magazine
Can I first just say how much I love voting via mail? Oh, the hours-long voting lines I've stood in at libraries, VFW halls and cafeterias in my great native land of Oh-Hi-O. So, kudos Washington, on that genius move.
Monday, 07/22/2013 10:50 PM
Ryan Caldeiro, M.D., Group Health, Northgate Clinic, 9800 Fourth Ave. NE, Seattle, 888.287.2680; Group Health Cooperative; Case Western Reserve University, 2004; addiction psychiatry, consultation psychiatry
Monday, 07/22/2013 8:59 PM
Monday, 07/22/2013 4:01 PM
Armed with good timing and the grace of an easy traffic day, bliss awaits you in the form of San Juan Islands tranquility. Getting there is half the fun (right?)—the other half, once you’re there, is all about taking it easy. Good thing there’s something about the islands that forces you to slow down and make that happen.
Wednesday, 07/17/2013 3:50 PM
If you gaze out over Elliott Bay this weekend you might catch a glimpse of the Hugo Boss yacht, a carbon fiber, 60 mono-hull racing boat with around 600 square meters of sail (that’s the size of a soccer field) helmed by British skipper Alex Thomson, who races her all over the globe.
Wednesday, 07/17/2013 2:53 PM
Spend an evening with Valerie Steele, fashion historian, author and curator from the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (MFIT) this Friday night, July 19m at 7 p.m. Steele will be in town to give a talk on the Japanese fashion influence and “revolution” in the 1980s as part of the SAM Talks series.
Tuesday, 07/16/2013 11:08 PM
Within months of establishing their settlement in November 1851, Seattle’s founding families realized they had made a mistake. Their location on the western, forested shore of Elliott Bay could not support a good harbor, which would be central to the new community’s success. Trade vessels from the Pacific Ocean could travel down Puget Sound to its toe at Elliott Bay but without a deep-water dock the journey was a waste. So in the middle of winter, three men boarded a canoe with a heavy line and horseshoes in order to sound the depths of the rest of the bay.
Tuesday, 07/16/2013 9:21 PM
The Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel was ablaze on May 14 during the Go Red for Women Luncheon fundraiser in support of the American Heart Association’s Go Red movement. Supportive men and women, dressed in red, gathered to share empowering stories, learn about heart disease and continue to fight this number-one killer of women.
Tuesday, 07/16/2013 9:45 PM
On April 25, the Cinerama theater rolled out its crimson carpet and welcomed the masses to the seventh annual National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), a four-day lineup of workshops, panels and short films by directors ages 22 and younger from around the world. Post-film revelers were shuttled to the Museum of History & Industry for an all-ages after-party.