Thursday, 08/27/2015 6:00 PM
Must SeePortraits of Seattle Rockers at Union Stables Building(8/27 to 9/11, times vary) In his new solo show, Musician: A Portrait Project, Ernie Sapiro exhibits intimate photographs of a diverse range of local musicians, including Mike McCready, Trimpin and Star Anna. Here, he chats with co-producer Nancy Guppy about the show.
Wednesday, 08/26/2015 4:54 PM
Uniqlo has announced that the opening date for its Bellevue Square location will be Friday, October 16. The nearly 16,000-square-foot store will be the Japanese apparel retailer's first Pacific Northwest location and will house the brand's full assortment of men's, women's and children's collections. “Opening in [the Seattle region] gives UNIQLO a greater opportunity to expand the reach of the brand to quality-conscious customers, as well as better serve the growing needs of our customers on the west coast,” Larry Meyer, ceo, Uniqlo USA said in a press release.
Tuesday, 08/25/2015 9:51 PM
On January 30, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready teamed up with the Seattle Symphony and an all-star cast of rock musicians – from bassist Duff McKagan to singers Chris Cornell and Kim Virant – at Benaroya Hall to perform original compositions as well as songs from the band, Mad Season. The night of music, part of SSO’s fifth annual Sonic Evolution Series, where well-known musicians write original works tailored specifically for the symphony, was laid to tape and will be released August 28 on vinyl.
Tuesday, 08/25/2015 5:08 PM
As the city transforms around us, one of the most noticeable impacts is the visibility of affluence. I remember a time when Seattle’s rich flaunted their wealth with an understated Volvo station wagon or a modest mid-century home tucked into the trees. Wealthy neighborhoods were discreet: Broadmoor lay behind walls (and even barbed wire), The Highlands invisible in the forest. Conspicuous consumption was frowned upon.
Tuesday, 08/25/2015 4:36 PM
For the Veruca Salts of the world, online retailer Amazon has at last expanded its one-hour delivery Prime Now service to Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland and will expand to other zip codes soon.
Monday, 08/24/2015 6:43 PM
If you need a break from Seattle’s unfailing earnestness, let your irreverent side fly free at Laugh Riot, the monthly alternative comedy showcase that takes place at Capitol Hill’s Chop Suey (9/2. 9 p.m. $5. 1325 E Madison St.; Facebook, “Laugh Riot”). You’ll be in good hump-day hands the first Wednesday of every month, thanks to cohosts and funnymen-about-town Derek Sheen and Ryan Casey.LOCATION: Green Bean Coffeehouse in Greenwood
Monday, 08/24/2015 5:03 PM
Washington Wildfires: As the wildfires in our state rage on, easterly winds blew smoke from those fires into our area this weekend, prompting the National Weather Service to issue Air Quality Alerts, according to KING 5 News. The hazy skies should improve today, as winds are slated to shift to the west.
Friday, 08/21/2015 2:29 AM
Forest Fires: According to The Seattle Times, more than 18 wildfires are currently burning throughout Washington state. The fires in North Central Washington are especially alarming, and are continuing to spread.
Thursday, 08/20/2015 10:06 PM
Must See
Thursday, 08/20/2015 6:57 PM
Working at the airport just became an even better gig. The Washington Supreme Court ruled that a voter-approved initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 in the city of SeaTac should apply to workers at the airport, reports KOMO News.
Thursday, 08/20/2015 5:43 AM
My family is hosting its 28th Annual Triathlon this weekend. It’s a triathlon for people who would rather relax than do sprints, which is the best kind of triathlon, and for most of us, the only kind. My dad started it with some of his college friends back in the day, which makes sense considering all three events could potentially be played with a beer in one hand. The fierce competition is made up of three games: Frisbee golf, ping pong, and horseshoes. Sometimes there’s a non-credit dance round that inevitably includes both “The Electric Slide” and “The Cha Cha Slide.”
Monday, 08/17/2015 7:56 PM
Do a Mock Draft (or seven) Mock drafting lets you try out strategies without the risk of getting stuck with a horrible team. For example, here’s the result of one ESPN mock draft I did where I tried to pick as many Seahawks players as possible.
Monday, 08/17/2015 6:15 PM
It’s easy to find stats that prove Seattle is a literature-loving city—we always land in the top three in the annual ranking of America’s Most Literate Cities, which doesn’t even take into account our many writing programs, reading series and independent word nerds writing books and creating literary magazines.
Monday, 08/17/2015 4:39 PM
I have no intention of ever entering the political arena as more than an observer. Still, I sometimes fantasize, “If I were dictator of Seattle, what would I do?”In reality, it’s a terrible idea. I believe human nature is flawed, good intentions often go awry, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can imagine my well-meaning dictatorial Mossback regime at City Hall devolving over time—perhaps rapidly—into a circus worthy of Pyongyang or Game of Thrones. Mimes and clowns would come to fear me, the Dear Leader, or flee the city for safe haven.
Friday, 08/14/2015 4:32 AM
Heavy Art: According to The Seattle Times, several sculptural pieces of Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist and activist, will be featured in Walla Walla starting next month. Eight of Weiwei’s sculptures will go up at the Foundry Vineyards.