Thursday, 02/06/2014 6:48 PM
February is here, which means it’s time to think about beautiful things (and I don’t just mean my recently passed birthday), things like hearts, flowers and love. And about dates since this time of the year is often about the pledging of already-in-place relationships and for the beginning of relationships. The latter of course can be completely frightening, especially with the added pressure of Valentine’s Day, and the days close to Valentine’s Day. But have no fear, my star-crossed friends.
Wednesday, 02/05/2014 5:55 PM
Not sure you’ve heard, but there’s a major parade taking place in Seattle today. Around 300,000 people are expected to line the streets from Belltown to SODO to welcome the Seahawks home after their big Super Bowl win. The parade starts at 11 am at 4th and Denny and is expected to end around 1:30 pm at CenturyLink.
Tuesday, 02/04/2014 11:30 PM
Here’s your chance to shop the closets of Seattle’s best-dressed women. Closet RX and Baby & Company are teaming up for a spring clean of epic proportions. Included in the sale are past season pieces from Marni, Girbaud, Lilith, Chanel, Chloe and many, many other stellar brands as well as major deals from Baby & Co’s summer Closet Sale—cool clothing that didn’t sell because it was waiting for YOU to buy it this weekend.
Tuesday, 02/04/2014 10:13 PM
The Seattle mag crew is lucking out tomorrow with front row seats for the biggest happening in a long time: the Seahawks victory parade. The parade starts at 11 a.m., with a route that takes the celebration from Seattle Center at Denny Way, south through downtown on Fourth Ave (smack dab in front of our new digs), and ends at the north entrance of CenturyLink Field.
Monday, 02/03/2014 11:32 PM
MPC dining room
Madison Park Conservatory has been, for the past three years, one of those restaurants that even though you know it's a dining destination, you always just assumed that it would stick around on reputation alone.
Monday, 02/03/2014 5:46 PM
[View the story "Mossback Monday" on Storify]
Friday, 01/31/2014 7:30 PM
Julien Perry, former editor of Eater and contributor to Seattle Weekly's Voracious blog and KOMO Newsradio, starts today as Seattle magazine’s new dining editor. Before she hits the ground running with daily Restaurant Insider blog updates here at—look for her insightful reviews and food coverage for the print edition starting in our May issue—we wanted to introduce her to our readers.
Friday, 01/31/2014 12:13 AM
I'm a huge thrifter and consigner. I love the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of reselling. I'm constantly surprised by what people donate to Goodwill and what ends up in the Ebay store. Read on to see the cream of the crop this week.
Thursday, 01/30/2014 11:56 PM
Pioneer Square-based online eyewear boutique, Rivet & Sway, known for their home try-on package and easy-on-the-wallet pricing structure, has just released their new Chelsea Hall collection, which includes sunnies—a first for the brand. We’re hooked on these frames for all their tough chic, cool girl appeal.
Thursday, 01/30/2014 10:06 PM
Must SeeThe Long History of African-American Baseball in WA(2/1 to 11/9, times vary) — Washington state didn’t have a professional Negro League team until 1946, which means much of the state’s black baseball history has gone undocumented. But the Northwest African American Museum’s new exhibit “Pitch Black” aims to rectify that, with artifacts, photographs and oral histories from this unheralded community.
Thursday, 01/30/2014 5:33 PM
The Super Bowl is just days away, and hopefully your party planning is in full swing. Here’s the thing though--serving up the same old drinks is no way to celebrate and show your passion for the best team in all of football (a position that will certainly be confirmed by the end of the game). The Seahawks are awesome, and deserve to have awesome drinks consumed when cheers-ing them. So don’t resort to artificially blue-colored, bad-tasting messes. Try one of the below instead, that way, everyone comes out a winner.
Wednesday, 01/29/2014 3:26 PM
As Seattle's Super Bowl mania goes into hyper-drive, we're all looking for ways to show off our Hawks' Pride. Glassybaby has a classy way to signal your allegiance with two new votives wearing that Seahawks' brilliant blue and green. (Better still, a portion of these sales benefit the Seahawks Women's Association.)
Tuesday, 01/28/2014 10:21 PM
Back in November, I was predicting a Seahawks/Bengals Super Bowl matchup. Hey, at least I was right about one team. (Dare to dream, Cincinnati fans.) So come Sunday, February 2, I will be donning my ‘Hawks gear and hunkering down to watch what will surely be a great battle. However, I’m still not sure about where to watch it. Do I go out amidst the legions of hyper fellow fans and trust that sportsmanlike conduct will be followed to the letter? Or do I enjoy the Manning versus Wilson spectacle from the comforts of my sofa? Conundrum.    
Tuesday, 01/28/2014 8:22 PM
DOWNTOWNThe annual Pike Chocofest at The Pike Brewing Company is the perfect excuse to begin indulging before the big day. Beer and chocolate are the main attraction, but with 80 vendors at hand, you and your beau may have to divide and conquer to sample all the sweet and savory treats. Sunday 2/9, 6-9 p.m., Pike Pub & Pike Brewery, Prices vary; Tickets available at
Tuesday, 01/28/2014 8:14 PM
It's official, Zara, at Westlake Center, is set to open on Thursday, February 13 as an early Valentine's Day gift to the city's fashion obsessed. All that's left is to scour their website for hints of what might be in store for us all in just a very few weeks. Here are a few of my fave's (including that great coat above. Doesn't that kelly green look so nice and spring-like?)
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