Fashion & Style

Monday, 08/05/2013 10:08 PM
Moon Phase is the waxing and waning of moods and emotions. For the girl who never settles on a t-shirt and jeans. My customer feels most at home being dressed up. Moon phase evokes a fun unforced vibe with a nod to a 60’s silhouette. These clothes are for a strong confident woman who loves a vintage look while still being modern.
Monday, 08/05/2013 10:57 PM
When venturing into apparel design with my sustainable designs I want to give more options for the conscious consumer. My graduation collection is inspired by my home-country Sweden and by the rustic life style of farmers of the past, yet within an urban culture where myth and symbolism are not yet lost. I aim to fill the gap for the consumer with individual sense and an effortless style. After graduation my plans are to start Seidr Studio with my fellow classmate Anna Conn. Our goal is to provide one of a kind garments and a range of naturally dyed textiles and accessories.
Monday, 08/05/2013 9:30 PM
Mia comes from a long line of entreprenerial pioneers. Her father was an adventurous, industrious individual who valued his freedom and doing his own thing and who took his daughters along for the ride. He was the last generation of a 100 year old woolen mill which sat on the banks of the Illinois River in the midwest, founded by his great grandfather who migrated to the midwest in 1865 from Scotland. Mia is imbued with that same spirit of the individual and this is clearly demonstrated in her clothing design and lifestyle.
Monday, 08/05/2013 9:18 PM
Label Name: Hue Melody Hirsch plays with compelling colors, and natural fabrics to create hue, a spring line for 2013.  Designed for a fun, confident woman in her 20s to 30s, the Melody Hirsch customer craves clothes that are unique but don’t scream for attention. She cares about fit and function and certainly isn’t willing to negotiate when it comes to fabric content.  
Monday, 08/05/2013 9:30 PM
Conniption is an active inspired line of knit separates. Conniption features interesting design lines, color blocking, and functional but interesting zipper placement. The line is intended to be mixed and matched, as the wearer would like, within an existing wardrobe. It does provide function for active wear usage – specifically with the inclusion of pockets in the leggings. The bottoms and hoodie are made of a wool/lycra blend, making them ideal for active wear since wool is a wicking fabric. It can also be worn as parts of a post-workout outfit, or just everyday attire.
Monday, 08/05/2013 9:49 PM
Marisa Rockett Label Name: Rock-it
Monday, 08/05/2013 8:03 PM
Seattle-based jewelry designer, Luminita is known for unparalleled quality and ingenuity along with her modern twist on fine jewelry.  By reaching into the ancient art of Kumihimo  she has created the future in jewelry.  By re-inventing the clasp she goes where no other jewelry designer has gone; allowing her client to create and express their personal style. Luminita Jewelry presents Twisted and Candied:
Friday, 08/02/2013 4:31 PM
Fremont’s scent super-store, Essenza, is hosting a launch event on August 8 from 4 to 8 p.m. for Achtung, a collab between local perfumer House of Matriarch, artist Rick Barchenger and emerging designer Aronhix who has created textiles based on Barchenger’s black and white mandala-style drawings. House of Matriarch perfumer Christi Meshell explains a bit about Barchenger and their collaboration:
Wednesday, 07/31/2013 10:39 PM
I made the first glittersweet bag in the basement of my Seattle home with a piece of vinyl from a yard sale and a 40-year-old sewing machine.  As sales spread across the country, glittersweet grew to employ a small, local factory to produce our growing collection of bags.  Each bag is hand-sewn with original appliqué designs, using retro upholstery vinyl and colorful cotton fabrics.
Wednesday, 07/31/2013 9:33 PM
Concrete Chic is a lifestyle brand for modern ladies age 22-35, who believe in working hard so that they can play even harder: Street-inspired clothing for a new adult generation desiring to present themselves as smart and sharply dressed, while retaining their youthful street sense. Independent, daring, and rebellious at heart, we believe that success is the greatest revenge.
Wednesday, 07/31/2013 9:56 PM
Marion Ray and Michael BrinkerLabel Name: Kinetic Kouture
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 9:04 PM
Kwill speaks to the girl on the go who wants to look flirty, feminine and tough all at once. She likes to accentuate her body with 50’s and 40’s inspired cuts with an edge. Kwill accommodates this with its fit and flare dresses made with varying materials from silks to leather. Speaking to the soft yet strong qualities every woman possesses. All garments are designed with mixing and matching in mind for optimum versatility and use.  For the whimsical, practical woman of intelligence and taste Kwill is the perfect fit.
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 9:15 PM
Gait is a line inspired by Classic menswear. Giving clients opportunity to express their personality and style, creating a bridge between the gender gap.  With such excellent fit and styling, even women want to be seen in it. This Collection is suitable for both genders.
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 9:26 PM
The Karen Ashley line is dedicated to being an outward reflection and affirmation of our customers’ goals and dreams; we are committed to the journey. Sophisticated and refined the Karen Ashley customer embraces her femininity, and she is powerful, confident, sure of herself. We are committed to offering satisfying and compelling experiences by utilizing the finest materials, exceptional workmanship, attention to detail and outstanding customer service.
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 8:14 PM
This collection is anti-serious, playful, and intriguing. The lines are simple, not busy, with subtle distinctions.  My inspiration for the line comes from nature and young women: