Fashion & Style

Tuesday, 07/30/2013 8:18 PM
Label Name: JuleanoThe Juleano aesthetic is a collection that is inspired by modern, contemporary, and unconventional items. These can range from the paneling of a skyscraper, to the organic waves of smoke flowing through air. Many of the designs have a geometric or symmetrical design that shows balance on the body.
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 8:03 PM
Jonquil & Mr Black is a couture and made-to-measure line of handluggage and accessories hand-built from vintage or antique raw materials. Our customer, like our aesthetic, informs the future while invoking the past; turns the mundane to memorable. Due to the rarity and non-sustainable nature of our textiles, product runs are limited editions.
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 7:25 PM
Joanna Morgan Label Name: Joanna Morgan Designs
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 7:03 PM
Heather EmchLabel Name: Bar H Brand
Tuesday, 07/30/2013 6:46 PM
Personal Style: Leschi’s Erika Dalya Massaquoi is a fashion chameleon, absorbing and reflecting the many moods and styles of her influences, which are as diverse and far reaching as the Miami of her childhood and her parents’ interest in civil rights and modernism. “I’m all about the high/low mix,” Massaquoi says. “You see me in vintage mixed with Africana and JCrew, Marni or Prada with a pair of beat-down Converse. I’ve been wearing those since 1986.”
Monday, 07/29/2013 11:02 PM
Gingerlyn Bellus has been designing custom one of kind garments for about 20 years to individual clients. Some of the examples of her projects, have been everything from; Costumes, Cos-Play (Anime), to Ready-to- Wear for Men and Women. As for the Ready-to-Wear collections, the Bellus brand focuses on classical styles of clothing with an edgy but a modern twist, with attention to detail work. Influenced by historical, and sometimes anime inspiration, and a mixture of fabrics that gives its defined look.
Monday, 07/29/2013 5:55 PM
Chinatown–International District-based Jessica Park, the designer of the ultrachic Ampersand As Apostrophe line of bags (and one cool necklace), is really into the concept of transformation. “Almost all of my bags can be transformed for multiple ways to wear,” she says. Her most popular bag, the Buffalo Parcel ($795), for example, has at least seven possible incarnations, considering it has a black metal chain, two shoulder straps and can also be carried as a clutch.
Friday, 07/26/2013 10:55 PM
Label Name: Fair Weathers Clothing
Friday, 07/26/2013 10:43 PM
Inspired by architectural and structured designs, advanced technology, and an alternative lifestyle, Onyx was my attempt at experimenting with stretch fabrics of varying textures. My target customer is a single 20-something woman living in a metropolitan city.
Friday, 07/26/2013 10:29 PM
The Taylor & Landon brand uses modern prints in bright-bold colors. The designer, Emily Hopkins, is a self-taught seamstress that started her career sewing while in college earning a Chemistry degree at the University of Texas. Her use of fabric manipulation, with techniques such as smocking and pleated tucks, sets her apart from other designers. The Taylor & Landon brand targets women of all ages that are looking for a functional addition to their wardrobe, but who also want to stand apart from the crowd with a pop of color.
Friday, 07/26/2013 9:08 PM
Label Name: Semblance The pieces in this collection are very much textile based. Using a very light handed lined hemp blend each garment was individually hand dyed with natural dies such as log wood, hazel nut husks and chestnut. This line of clothing is a semblance of a feeling, a feeling of pride, the followings of heritage, and a sense of journey. The auras evoked by beings, their wisdom, and the traces left behind
Friday, 07/26/2013 9:24 PM
Not a Cookie Cutter Garments for younger professional women for work or casual wear, that are unique and classy, wearable for most of the year. I like to use darts in a way that will accentuate a woman’s body as well as design lines and color blocking to make the garments more visually interesting and better fitting than a comparable garment.
Friday, 07/26/2013 9:18 PM
Cory Ellen is a vintage-inspired collection of dressed-up womenswear designed to flatter the hourglass figure.  These designs are inspired by and made for creative, intelligent women who love to express themselves through clothing: from the college graduate at her first job, to the new mom who likes to dress up, to the executive who likes a little vintage flair in her work wardrobe.
Friday, 07/26/2013 8:13 PM
ODDINARY is a brand influenced by Work wear, Classic American Menswear and Outdoor Garments. ODDINARY’s philosophy revolves around building garments that can withstand the test of time and are appealing to the eye. With a keenness for classic lines, modern silhouette and longevity, ODDINARY values the detailing often looked over in modern menswear and brings it back with functionality and authenticity.
Friday, 07/26/2013 8:46 PM
Rend & Hew fall 2014 Tightly fitted conceptual outerwear with crisp design details. Mixed fabrications to and versatility. Sculpted silhouettes as if carved or hewn from stone. Inspired by Japanese patternmaking techniques. Paired with soft, comfortable, draped base layer garments.