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Thursday, 04/25/2013 8:49 PM
Western Ave.’s home furnishings store. Liave, is closing their brick and mortar location and heading into the world of e-commerce. Between now and the store’s last (TBD), all in-stock inventory, including all the lovely European home décor and gift items this store is known for, is 20 percent off. I love this shop and its tagline: "beautiful things meant to be used," and look forward to what treasures owner Cornelia Veit will have to share online.
Thursday, 04/25/2013 7:00 PM
Pioneer Square has long struggled to maintain itself as a retail destination, but with a few recent additions to the scene, this historic neighborhood’s star is on the rise.
Wednesday, 04/24/2013 9:04 PM
Cuyana is a San Bay area company run by founders Shilpa Shah and Karla Gallardo who travel the globe on the lookout for chic, high quality materials, think textiles and metals, that can be transformed by local craftsmen into chic, high quality and limited-edition goods and accessories that they sell on their web store. Cuyana donates a percentage of their proceeds to Charity:water, a non-profit organization that provides solutions for clean water worldwide.
Wednesday, 04/24/2013 12:45 AM
seth damm Neon Zinn rope necklaces art Seattle jewelry
Fine artist Seth Damm ( knew he was on to something early in the creation of his Neon Zinn rope necklaces. “There’s just something about them that makes people want to touch them.” And wear them.
Monday, 04/22/2013 9:07 PM
Gabe Johnson style Ballard Seattle Horses Cut Shop Americana
Influences: Having grown up in a booming Aberdeen of the 1970s, when “every day was sunny” and all his girlfriends “tasted like bubble gum and vodka,” Gabe Johnson holds an almost religious reverence for “oil cans, muscle cars and slingshots,” and other blue-collar Americana from the 1940s-’70s, an era when things were made with pride. “I appreciate items that were meant to outlast the maker,” he says.
Thursday, 04/18/2013 6:10 PM
Tommy Bahama
Exciting news in the region’s retail scene with the announcement of several new shops opening in the next few weeks. Hometown mega-brand Tommy Bahama is celebrating their 20th anniversary by opening a shop at Bellevue Square on April 26 (they’ve already got one at University Village), for all your resort and island lifestyle fashion needs.
Thursday, 04/18/2013 5:22 PM
I’m a West Seattle girl and I love my West Seattle shopping. But I realize that many people think West Seattle is too far away or hard to find to warrant a visit. Which is totally not the case, it’s actually quite easy to get to via both I-5 and 99, and the Junction (the crossroads of California Ave. SW and SW Alaska St.) is a direct shot up from the bridge and requires practically no navigation to get to. Plus, there’s ample free parking in conveniently placed lots throughout the neighborhood. Free. Easy. Parking.
Thursday, 04/18/2013 4:14 PM
Ladies, do yourself a favor and get a professional bra fitting. It really makes all the difference in the world in terms of looking good and feeling good. Nordstrom is having a huge bra event on April 26 and 27, in all their stores (and on-line, where you’ll have access to great tips for finding the right bra for you), where their fit stylists will be on hand to help you in your quest for the perfect underpinnings, at the right price for your pocketbook.
Thursday, 04/11/2013 11:41 PM
Jonathan Adler University Village stores
Great news for the interior design obsessed. Jonathan Adler, the master of mood-elevating decor options is bringing his business to Seattle in a stand-alone store at University Village. An opening date is set for June. More details to follow.
Thursday, 04/11/2013 5:48 PM
A few years ago I heard about an archaeological dig in China that unearthed a Chinese woman in her fifties who was so well preserved by her cypress wood tomb layered with clay and charcoal that she was perfectly intact, including her last meal of honeydew melon, the seeds of which were still in her stomach.
Wednesday, 04/10/2013 9:44 PM
Just when you thought buying local couldn’t get any closer to home, it has, and there is already an apt hipster word for it: “uber-local.” As opposed to “local”, which designates food from within roughly 350 miles of the consumer, the term describes food products grown or produced within a radius of only ten miles.
Wednesday, 04/10/2013 4:41 PM
I received a sad email today from Joeanna Purdie, owner of West Seattle boutique, Sweetie, with the announcement that after ten years in business, she'll be closing her shop at the end of April.
Tuesday, 04/09/2013 5:51 PM
Green Eileen is open in Columbia City. The store, at 4860 Rainier Ave. S, is the company’s first outside of New York, where 90,000 pieces of gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing have been resold and $1.5 million donated to charities. The idea behind Green Eileen is brilliant: for every piece of almost-new Eileen Fisher clothing you bring in to the shop, you get a $5 gift card towards your next purchase at Eileen Fisher.
Friday, 04/05/2013 10:15 PM
Swimwear line Drifting Arrows has announced the launch of an online mercantile filled with everything you need for the beach while wearing one of their hip, locally-designed suits, including espadrilles, a towel, sunnies and a
Friday, 04/05/2013 12:32 AM
The problem with most age-defying lotions, creams and serums is that the molecules in most cosmoceuticals, like hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring material in our bodies) are too large to be absorbed into the skin, which means that we're not really getting the biggest bang for our skincare bucks.