Reserve Now or Rough It This Summer: Swank New Digs on San Juan Island Allow for Close-in "Camping"

Call this camping? More like "glamping," an amenity-laden option for bug- and dirt-averse nature lov
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Got your summer camping reservations yet? 'Course you do; we Northwest die-hard dirt campers know you gotta get online in early February to snag the choice riverside sites. Or do we? Though I quiver with anticipation whenever I see my sleek Coleman stove gathering dust in my garage, a press release that just crossed my desktop has me wondering whether this is the summer I'll consider a swankier, less bug-infested version of my fave outdoor activity.

I give you Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes, San Juan Island's answer to the question, "How can I camp without a rain fly?" The resort has just anounced a lovely retro option for "glamping": a fully equipped 1978 Sovereign Airstream, complete with kitchenette (oven!), microwave, toilet, heat and air, and bed and bath linens. Linens? You had me at "oven!"  You can book this baby begining May 1 (; $199/night), or reserve a number of other canvas cabins on site (rom $149/night).

'Course, if you, like me, require tent stake-pounding to get your heart pounding, there are still lovely campsites available at Ohanapecosh this summer (; $15/night). But you'll have to do without the microwave. And linens.