Royal Wedding Reactions: The Stunning McQueen Gown, Twitter Chatter and the Hats, Oh the Hats!

The regal royal wedding dress

Good morning! For those of you who slumbered through the Royal Wedding last night (or maybe, like us, you haven’t been to bed yet!), here’s a quick update of the play-by-play reactions and the insane, fun and funny comments from our virtual Royal Watching party with Seattle Bride magazine.

Let’s get this out of the way: the dress was incredible. The dress designer, which had been kept under wraps was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, and the first glimpses revealed a deep v-neckline and demure lace sleeves, her gorgeous chesnut hair worn down and pulled back by a tiara loaned to her by the Queen. Of course, Middleton’s confection was finished with a train, though not of the epic proportions of Diana’s. I’ve heard very few dissenting opinions, the verdict seems to be it was classic, timeless, elegant, and oh so very Grace Kelly.

Of course the pomp and circumstance started with the non-royal guests followed by the royals, all of whom took the unspoken ‘decadent hat challenge’ to new levels. These were serious hats, ornate and decadent. I’ll hunt down a slideshow link as I find one this morning.

And boy did people love talking about the hats, in fact the sheer amount of people online on Facebook and Twitter was amazing (even more amazing that we didn’t break the internet!, read the full chatter here), so I’m going to leave you with the best chatter for now—because kids, the bed is calling to me now that the William and Kate are officially man and wife.



@SureshBeauty  *gasp* Prime Minister's wife sans hat! #RoyalWedding

1:30 a.m. PST Seattle Bride Magazine Ooh, there's going to be a debate over Posh's hat. I'm going to say, it looks dangerous. Thoughts?

@etherealevents: @SeattleBrideMag A little boring really! I expected her to be in a bright color like the stunning red fastener from early on!

Elizabeth Tveit: I like the color of Posh’s hat but the ‘dna’ strand and snow flake coming off of it, not so much

Lindsey Otta Wouldn't expect anything less from Posh Spice.

1:45 a.m. PST Seattle Bride Magazine I, um, Elton's entrance seemed so demure. Where are the rose-colored specs? A paisley tie? Something?

Marya Purrington can't go too crazy in front of the Queen!

@taylordevents RT @etherealevents I almost expected Elton to arrive in a hat of some sort! #royalwedding (ha ha Wendy that is so true)

2:00 a.m. PST Seattle Bride Magazine Okay, he is h-o-t-t still, but Becks couldn't have shaved today of all days? For #royalwedding??

Serephine I didn't notice- I was too blinded by the hotness




 @junebugweddings Christy Weber RT @theblogsmaid: Even the car is wearing a crown! You get a crown! You get a crown! You get... the idea...

Seattle Bride Magazine The brother princes arrive!!! Cute! (Anyone know what kind of car that is? Bentley?) As someone who got up to watch Princess Di's wedding and a mom of 2 boys, I am feeling a big pang for Di missing her son's wedding. @rachelhartrios

Seattle Bride Magazine Ah, Kate's mother looks lovely; demure; classic and polished

@SureshBeauty Kate's brother looks a lot like her! Wow! Mom looks lovely, love powder blue on brunettes. Beautiful & complimentary

@taylordevents Jennifer Taylor Oh yea.. princess Eugenie hat looks like a tella tubby - YES Yellow for the queen




3 a.m. PST Seattle Bride Magazine Wow, there are hardly words to describe how lovely she looks, just gorgeous, classic- and not going to lie, what I expected

@SureshBeauty Kate!! OMG!!!! Veiled to death & loving it!! That lace!!! Hair down. Small bouquet. I'm about to faint.

@junebugweddings Christy Weber I'm wondering if this dress might break the whole internet. RT @ellybevents: I can feel twitter breaking already

@ashleykbreckel Adore the veil and lace sleeves. Fairytale. She looks breathtaking! Glad there is a tiara!! ;) #royalwedding #fashion

@taylordevents Very Grace Kelly like wedding dress. #royalweddingsea

@NordySanda Yes!!! Sarah Burton @worldofMcQueen -stunning & traditional. Love the bouquet of lily of the valleys. Tiara on




@prestonrbailey Carole (Middleton) looks very sweet. She's trying to hold it together, and she's doing a better job than most of us at home! #royalwedding

@taylordevents Jennifer Taylor William looks like he is on his first date with her so cute #royalweddingsea

@KathyEStudio KathyEvansBeauty omg Harry's crying and will just looked at Kate and said you look beautiful! awwwwww there was no mistaking that!

@kelleylmoore That black and white floor with red carpet - divine. @seattlebridemag #royalweddingsea

Seattle Bride Magazine Thinking that Pippa's dress might actually be the runway knockoff for bridal gowns this season. @rachelhartrios

@FioreBlossoms So beautiful and totally worth a sleepless night! Such tradition. Lace! Sarah Burton.

@stylemepretty Is it just me, or does it feel like we are all watching a real life Disney movie? So surreal #royalwedding




@KelleyLMoore @seattlebridemag check this ring I'm wearing out! I borrowed it from Kate or @goldfarbjeweler

@otdiFASHION Now that’s pretty...