Bicycle Diaries: Saturday Grocery Stock-Up via Bicycle

Roddy Scheer
All my groceries fit in two panniers and then some; I had to tie the plastic bag full of extras to the rack between the panniers, and luckily it didn't come loose on any bumps.

After a full day of yard work this Saturday, I thought the best thing to do for stretching out my aching back would be to go on a bike ride--and stock up on groceries in the process. Also, in the process of rolling my wheelbarrow up and down my hill I lost an important nut, so I added the hardware store to my list. Here are the key stats of my grocery procurement trip...
Weight in groceries: 39 lbs (including such essentials as soda, granola bars, bread, maple syrup, strawberries, tomatoes, and ice cream)

Bill: $76.37at Safeway + $1.74 at Maple Leaf Ace Hardware

Miles: 4.8 (incl. hardware store)

Calories burned: 400+/-
Stay tuned to more Bicycle Diaries posts next week, including some video footage via helmet-cams of Julia Trippel's urban commute into work....