It's Not the New Year Yet! Enjoy 5 More Days of Sweet Abandon

Scanning various Pinterest boards this morning, I was annoyed at the copious pins depicting half-dressed fit ladies showing off washboard abs, not to mention a grip of recipes explaining how to puree my favorite vegetables into healthy juices.

Um, excuse me.

There are 5 more days left in 2011; and I won't be celebrating my surviving another recession year (not to mention other notable milestones) by doing sit-ups.

Haven't we just finished a marathon of treating friends, baking for young ones, donating to charity and going the extra miles and miles for family? Must we rush immediately into hating ourselves all the way to the gym?

Do what you have to do. Meanwhile, I'll be exploring these ideas on how to earn all the (short lived) self-sacrifice that I, like other normal people, will begin next week.


A few local restaurants have made eating home-cooking outside the home seem totally sensible. Serving up fried chicken, meatloaf sandwiches, burgers and just about anything that goes with a buttermilk biscuit, our favorite local diners (including The Lucky Diner, Meander's Kitchen and best of all Skillet) are worth the extra crossfit sessions.


Tequila. When done right (and drunk in moderation), you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the spirit of the Blue Agave plant mixed magically at these local watering holes featured in our Best New Restaurants of 2011 issue.


The happy hour at Elaia Spa downtown made our Best of 2011 list. Not only do the mini treatments fit easily into a busy weekday schedule, they come complete with a glass of wine or bubbly. Two birds (drink + spa) taken care of with one hot stone.


Make that dent in your bank account count by topping off a season of spending with a treat for yourself: at least one new look. It won’t hurt quite so bad if you shop vintage. We recommend Fremont, where four new vintage boutiques are revving the center of the universe’s retail engine.


Give us pies, give us sweet little pies! Big or small, fruit or cream, we take them almost any way, especially if they’re coming from Seattle Pie Company (which we recognized for “Best Pie” in 2011) or A La Mode Pies in Phinneywood, which our editor Rachel Hart can't stop talking about.


Nothing recharges the batteries like a nice, long slothful TV marathon. Recommended: Game of Thrones; Glee; Once Upon a Time or Downton Abbey (to get you caught up for the premiere of the second season on January 8!). Grab a pint of Molly Moon's or Bluebird Ice Cream to make your fantasy land feel like a dream come true.

Extra credit:

Try any of the 25 Best Burgers featured in our January 2012 issue (on newsstands now) for the best indulgence found between two slices of bread.


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