Kelly Singer Shows You the Ropes On The Latest Fitness Trend

Kelly Singer
Kelly explains the benefits of a Battling Ropes class (one of the hardest workouts she’s done!) and where to find a class.

If you see a group of people using long, thick ropes at a park or at your gym they’re not playing tug-of-war, they are Battling Ropes.

Battling Ropes is the latest fitness trend inspired by military fitness regimens (think kettlebells and Cross Fit) to hit Seattle.   Used by Israeli Special Forces for desert training, they are suitable for anyone from kids to professional athletes and delivers a serious workout.  The training program promises to deliver toned abs, strong legs, and chiseled arms by undulation; keeping the rope in a constant wave-motion for a set period of time (usually 60 seconds).

I’m a believer.  I recently went to a class and only worked the ropes for a few sets and my arms and abs were more sore than they’ve been in a very long time.   Since the objective of Battling Ropes is to keep the rope moving at a constant velocity, the cardiovascular and muscular systems are both being challenged and will help you get in shape faster than a dedicated cardio or weight training session.

If you see Battling Ropes or any other kind of “rope training” being offered at your gym, you should absolutely try it out.  Here are three facilities around Seattle where you can experience Battling Ropes:


Battling Ropes are incorporated into personal training programs and adjusted for every fitness level.

Fit By Red

This indoor/outdoor boot camp uses the ropes between kettlebell sets and TRX Suspension Cables.

Riley Athletics

The Rock Body Boot Camp integrates a variety of non-traditional equipment for a killer 45 minute class.

 You can also buy your own 1.5 inch thick, 50 foot long Manilla rope at:

Seattle Marine and Fishing Supply Co.
2121 W. Commodore Way
Seattle Wa. 98199