Local Company Helps Keep Occupy Seattle Protestors Dry

Occupy Seattle is the local manifestation of the Occupy Wall Street protests that are still growing in New York (watch the latter unfold via LiveStream).

While there are many voices and concerns being expressed in this burgeoning movement, one clear theme resounding across the board is that the needs and demands of average working Americans (a.k.a. the 99 percent) should no longer be ignored or trumped by those of the wealthiest 1 percent.

Earlier this week, the site for Occupy Seattle protests at Westlake Park looked more like a dingy teenage campground than a mobilized protest group - although cardboard signs with passionate messages scrawled on them covered the plaza grounds.

But tension and interest grew as Seattle Police Department arrested some of the protestors, after they refused to move. Their tents were also removed.

That poses a serious problem for people who are trying to sustain revolutionary momentum while camped out day and night in Seattle fall weather. It's not easy to lead a march in wet socks.

Enter JakPak, a local company that produces special raincoats that morph into individual-sized "sleeping environments."

Watch the demo to understand:

JakPak has donated over 6,000 dollars worth of these contraptions to the Occupy Seattle protestors, according to Occupy Seattle's Facebook page.

That, in addition to the recent expression of solidarity from local labor leaders, should be a great boon to the local movement.

According to recent buzz, a peaceful "General Assembly" meeting is planned for 6:30 p.m. at Westlake Park tonight.

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