Meet Me at Mobile Chowdown This Sunday, October 2

The foodie trucks are coming! The foodie trucks are coming!

If I were more musical, to really celebrate I would compose a jingle the likes of Coca-Cola's joyous "Santa Packs are Coming" (to my dismay, a few savvy editors here do not remember this commercial, which confirms my suspicion that I am a nerd - in the least cool sense).

Anyway, The Mobile Chowdown has a bit of holiday excitement for me, because it's a day I can eat the food of kings of many countries - all from the serve-ware of fast food joints.

This year brings 24 food trucks to West Seattle Junction (October 2, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Among them are local favorites Marination Station, Skillet Street Food, Molly Moon's Ice Cream Truck, plus lesser known traveling eateries like Walla Walla's Andrae's Kitchen, I Want Curry Now and many more.

There's no entry fee and there's more than food to explore.

Our beer garden boasts Pyramid brews, with all proceeds going to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank. A special play area keeps the tykes amused, once they're done with their obligatory two bites of food - and friendly pets are welcome to rove and taste with you, on a leash, of course.

In case you didn't know it: the Mobile Chowdown is produced by Seattle magazine and Suzuki + Chou Communimedia. Since 2009, we've rounded up a new mix of trucks at 5 different events and corralled the herd in a different corner of the city to promote both civic and culinary exploration.

The bustling high street of West Seattle Junction is hardly new to West Seattlites, however, the surrounding shops and restaurants should cement California Ave. as  a fun destination for WS virgins long after the Chowdown festivities are done.

See you there, I hope!

(I'll be the one in stretchy pants, talking with my mouth full.)

Happy Chowdown!

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