11 Warm and Cozy (and Easy!) Crock Pot Recipes

| Posted put together a list of their favorite crock pot recipes–perfect for a snow day! From taco soup to chicken verde to veggie lasagna, below are some lip-smacking good slow-cooker dishes that will leave your family deliciously satisfied.

1. Arroz Con Queso: A perfect dish for the picky eater in your family. This super easy and basic recipe is a great alternative to mac 'n cheese.

2. Crock Pot Breakfast: Slow cooker recipes aren't just for dinner! The mornings are often as hectic (if not more) than the evenings. Try prepping your breakfast the night before with this crock pot breakfast recipe.

3. Veggie Lasagna: Why slave away in the kitchen for hours trying to layer the perfect lasagna when you can easily make it with your handy slow cooker?

4. Chicken Dumplings: There are a ton of chicken dumpling recipes out there, but none so healthy (or fast!) as this one that includes fresh, whole ingredients.

5. Taco Soup:  Nothing makes the winter chill go away faster than a hearty bowl of soup.

6. Pizza: This twist on the traditional pizza will make your tykes jump with joy when they realize it includes all of their favorite ingredients.

7. Chicken Tacos: This slow cooker chicken taco recipe is a favorite of Red Tricycle's editorial intern, Lauren. One bite of this delicious dish and you'll begin to understand why!

8. Glazed Corn Beef: Corn Beef may not be a traditional kid-friendly dish, but this slow cooker recipe is sure to make a corn beef lover out of your kiddos.

9: Chicken Verde: Looking for a quick and painless weekday meal? Try chicken verde, a one pot dish perfect for a chilly winter day.

10. Chicken Posole: Lola chef Julia Garrels dishes on one of her favorite slow cooker recipes: chicken posole. Pssst: If a professional chef loves the recipe, it must be good!

11. Lazy Crock Pot Chicken: Lazy crock pot chicken -- the name pretty much says it all. This kid-friendly recipe only takes four ingredients. We're sold!

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