Viaduct for Dummies: Yes! You Missed the Only Exit! and Other News From the SoDo Coaster

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Feeling a little cocky of late, now that everything's totally back to normal down here in SoDo (the new "slow normal," that is), so today I actually took a meeting in the office, inviting an uninitated reporter to drive southbound through the SoDo Coaster to our Viaduct-adjacent office.

That was mean.

Right about meeting time, I got an email, subject line: "Got Messed Up on the Viaduct." By which she meant "Am now being funnelled helplessly to West Seattle."

And suddenly, I remembered the hilarity of missing the peek-a-boo SoDo exit myself on Monday, taking a beauty tour of the south end before pulling over to call a co-worker whom I knew would do the very same thing. "There is only one exit," I told her, "And you'll miss it. Don't miss it." She missed it anyway.

Southbound Viaduct: Take the Atlantic Street exit. It's the only one you'll get!

In other VFD news, I just lost a half an hour in happy rumination, perusing the WSDOT's wonderful new website. Viaduct History, an homage, if you will, to our Ugly Unwanted Baby, which is inexplicably now the subject of fond nostalgia. Remember, this thing wanted to kill us.

I could not be more tickled to report that this insanely wonky website—compete with historic photos of the triumphant construction of the Viaduct—also includes a kid's corner, complete with a coloring page of the Viaduct!

I have a mad crush on the DOT, with their super-cool photos, daily e-updates and now this! Tell me they are not having fun with this. Did I mention there is a kids' Viaduct Maze! Oh, sweet, sweet irony. 

Best of all: Coming soon, a "Viaduct discovery center" in Pioneer Square! (More on that in a future blog.)