For Your Sunny-day Pleasure: Waterskiing's Insane Little Brother, Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding on Lake Sammamish
You know you want to do this.

If you've picked up our August issue ("The Water Issue"), you already know that there are now multiple ways to get dragged around behind a boat. Waterskiing too tame? Get airborne (and possibily inverted!) on a wakeboard. Or just watch other people do it.

The dudes at Hyperlite are "totally stoked" to announce a world-class wakeboard demo, today (Thursday) at 3 p.m. on Lake Washington (at Genessee Park's southern end; 4316 South Genesee St.). It's a trick/stunt display, and a preview to the weekend-long Seafair wakeboard competition. Events run Friday-Sunday; get the schedule and other details here.