Brendan McGill Has Broken Ground on Hitchcock Deli Georgetown

Julien Perry

It won't be long before Georgetown has a new deli.

During a lunch stop yesterday at Brendan McGill's lovely Pioneer Square beer hall, Altstadt, he told me he was on his way to put paper on the windows of his current project  — a sure sign a space is in the hands of new ownership. 

"Before it was more of an agreement. Now, it's happening," he says.

It's true. If you swing by the 1,500-square-foot space next to Via Tribunali (6009 12th Ave S), you'll see the proof.

Back in October, McGill spilled the beans to Eater about his new venture, Hitchcock Deli Georgetown, that will offer classic sandwiches, cured meats, beer and wine. It'll be a spin-off of his original Bainbridge Island Hitchcock Deli (which is a spin-off of his restaurant Hitchcock). 

"I've just been wanting to do a little sandwich shop [in Georgetown] for years. I thought it was going to be my next move before we stumbled upon the Altstadt space."

Now, some new details. 

As for what we can expect at Hitchcock Deli Georgetown when it opens (hopefully) in April 2014:

House-cured and smoked meats, wood-fired breads, lots of preserves and raw-fermented foods (pickles, mustard, kraut, kimchee) and a rotating selection of salads/sides. "Basically, really good pastrami and BLTs, plus other cool stuff."

Hitchcock Deli Georgetown Coming Soon!McGill says there will be seating for 20, plus more on the patio. 

"Our production room is a fully-tiled kitchen with peek-a-boo views from Tribunali's private dining room. Guests from Trib who want to sneak a peek on their way to the restroom can duck into a hallway and check out the charcuterie."

"In the far back, we're fashioning a commissary-style space that will open up to larger-scale production (this could feed a counter or a food truck)."

McGill says he's also discussing collaborations for the commissary space that he can't disclose, but hints that it involves cold-pressed juices. 

What's exciting about this new deli is that it will fill a huge void in the neighbohrhood's food and booze scene. Currently, there are not a ton of options for grabbing lunch (let alone a glass of good wine) in the mostly beer-slinging, bar-stool scene that has made Georgetown so blue-collarly attractive to many. 

If you're looking for a little free (and slightly dangerous) entertainment today, Team Hitchcock Deli will be down at the space getting their wall-smashing on.