Grant Achatz Leads Stunning Team of Chefs at Fred Hutch Fundraiser

If your charitable spending budget is around $350 and you want to taste the wares of several terrific Seattle chefs, as well as meet acclaimed Alinea chef, Life, On the Line author and cancer survivor Grant Achatz during a half-hour VIP reception, the upcoming 20th Anniversary Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research dinner on May 22nd is an unmatched opportunity.

Achatz will speak while diners enjoy a five-course menu prepared by local chefs Dalis Chea of Herban Feast; Kevin Davis of Steelhead Diner and Blueacre Seafood; Jason Franey of Canlis; Daisley Gordon of Cafe Campagne; Christine Keff of Flying Fish; Brian McCracken and Dana Tough of Spur Gastropub and Tavern Law; Scott Staples of Quinn's, Uneeda Burger and Zoë; Johnathan Sundstrom of Lark; and Jerry Traunfeld of Poppy.  That's a whole lot of culinary star power.

The menu sounds awesome: 

*shaved coeur d'agneau (that's lamb heart to you and me) with fava beans, ramps and spring onions

*foie gras terrine with rhubarb, sorrel and burnt rose hips

*hot smoked king salmon with herbs

*smoked bigeye tuna with tomato jam and thyme butter. 

*simmered beef rib with marrow mustard toast and spring vegetables

*duo of Jones Family Farms pork tenderloin and shoulder with morel mushrooms and white asparagus

**plus a cheese course and dessert and wines to match from Brian Carter Cellars, Efeste Winery, L'Ecole No. 41, Selvatica, Smasne Cellars, Substance and Tranche Cellars.

All proceeds benefit Fred Hutch. For tickets ($250, or $350 for VIP reception) and more information, go to