Canceled: Fireside Beer Tastings at Pan Pacific Hotel

Lauren Mang
The Lobby Bar

We just received word that this Fireside series at the Pan Pacific Hotel has been canceled, effective immediately.

Where to snuggle up fireside with a sampling of local brews? The Pan Pacific Hotel in South Lake Union has partnered with the Washington Beer Blog (helmed by Seattle magazine contributor and brewski expert Kendall Jones) on a series of gratis fireside beer tastings pouring selections from two Seattle-based breweries.
Billed as "Oktoberfest Tuesdays," the sampling spree starts, October 1, and runs on Tuesdays through October 22, from 6 to 8 p.m. in the hotel's Lobby Bar. 

On tap on Oct. 1: tastes from Odin Brewing Company and Pike Brewing Company. After your fireside tasting, we suggest a stopover at one of these brewpubs where the food is not your standard pub fare.

One newsy update: Stoup Brewing, set to launch in Ballard later this month, will be doing its first public beer tasting at the October 22 fireside series.