Carole McClellan to Show at Vancouver Fashion Week

The fur is flying in Carole McClellans studio as she prepares for Vancouver Fashion Week

I am totally intrigued by Vancouver Fashion Week and have often thought of heading up there to see if I could glean any insight into what it takes to throw a successful multi-day event like this. The event organizers seem to draw a nice group of emerging and established local and international designers, and it just seems so well attended, well-produced and, well, fashionable.

This year, one March 22, one of Seattle’s best designers, Carole McClellan, is heading north to show 15 women’s and men’s sportswear and special occasion looks from her fall/winter 2013 collection during the Vancouver Fashion Week Established Designer show.



Inspired by a Vogue magazine shoot from October 1966 (edited by Diana Vreeland and Polly Mellen), McClellan’s collection, The Great Fur Caravan: The Girl with the Fabulous Furs, is crafted from restyled vintage and estate furs combined with ethically sourced new furs and leather pieces made from French stretch leather and washable goat and lamb skins.

Anyone been to this event? I’m eager to hear more about it if you have.