Catching Up with Lizzie Parker

Vogue's special events director, Anne Vincent, in a Lizzie Parker original design.

I’ve followed Issaquah-based designer Lizzie Parker since her store-within-a-store at the now-closed Tweed in Greenwood, which she stocked with her cozy, comfy, sexy, simple and chic brand of cotton jersey-centric ready-to-wear. Since then Parker has opened and closed her own atelier in Gilman Village, become a reality TV star and seen her career take off on a national scale.

I caught up with the designer at the season finale of The Look where we chatted about Vogue, Nordstrom and other fashion heavy-hitters who have Parker on their radar.

Ali Brownrigg: Tell me a bit about what has happened to you since Fashion Star?
Lizzie Parker: So things went a bit crazy, which is exactly what I had hoped the platform of the show would provide. I ended up closing my store to focus on wholesale business and selling to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and QVC—quite a change moving into real mass production.

AB: What do you think has been the biggest thing for your career: Fashion Star, Anne Vincent wearing your dress, Nordstrom or QVC?
LP: Well, I would pick two if permitted. Personally, Anne Vincent—as a designer it is so validating to have Vogue acknowledge your work. Business-wise, QVC—the ability to represent your own product to millions of customers and the growth opportunity is HUGE.

AB: You met Isaac Mizrahi at QVC, tell me about it.
LP: OMG, we were back stage at QVC and I was completely star struck and a total nerd. I kept fumbling over my words about how much I admired him, he was very gracious….but then for him to step on stage on QVC and in essence endorse me and wish me well on air was amazing.  He is a wonderful person.

AB: Can you talk about the next season of Fashion Star? 
LP: I did attend a season two taping, and although I can’t really get into the details, I will say that I feel a part of a Fashion Star family if you will. From the producers to the buyers to the mentors—everyone was over the moon with my success and you may even see a little interview on me—so tune in on Fridays starting March 8 on NBC.

AB: What's next for you? 
LP: I go to the QVC Oscar Party (OMG!) in a few weeks and then back on air the evening of Feb 25 on PM Style (tune in!).  From there, not sure what's next, but I will keep you posted. 



AB: What are you feeling for spring? 
LP: Well we all know I am not a color person. However I will say in general, I am gravitating back to my core designs from the beginning of my career and looking at elevating lounge wear with new and buttery materials.  That Anne Vincent dress has really made me think of maxi’s and maxi skirts for spring. I have also pulled back into the Lizzie Parker archives, if you will, and am bringing back the white sweatshirt from my very first collection and photoshoot. I wonder if anyone can guess where that was shot?