Chelsea Deli

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4908-A Rainier Ave. S
Seattle, WA

Here, the sandwiches are given extra care every step of the way. The banh mi ($7) is made with tender marinated chicken thighs, tons of still-crisp pickled veggies and extra cilantro: it’s not pork, but it’s near perfect. A favorite is a tweaked version of that spicy Cajun sammie, called The Chelsea ($6.25 half/$12.50 whole): house-roasted turkey slathered in an awesome chipotle mayo with pepper jack cheese and red onions. Sweet onion teriyaki sauce is spread onto house-roasted pork loin in the Hula Pork ($6.25 half/$12.50 whole). But do yourself a favor: Keep that sandwich in the foil or you’ll wear it the rest of the day.


Columbia City
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Lunch daily.

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$10 or less
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